A journey through humid rainforest, tropical seas and colorful coral reefs

The entrance leads you straight into the Amazon rain forest, where you may be caught in a rainstorm. Follow the path of the water through the mangrove swamp, down under the surface where the sharks live. Later exhibits allow us to experience the circulation of water in Nordic conditions. A unique fish ladder takes many courting fish from the Baltic Sea into Aquaria during October and November. This is because Aquaria has a connection with the Baltic Sea. Come and discover all the amazing animals and fishes which lives in our aquariums.

Aquaria will close permanently on the 30th of September. More information can be found here.


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Fantastic Frogs

Aquaria water Museum

Ongoing — 2018-09-30      

The amphibians are here! Amphibians date back almost 350 million years. One of the earliest species belonged to Labyrinthodontia, a large aquatic amphibian. Amphibians today include frogs, toads, salamanders/newts and caecilians. You will meet many…