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Craft workshop at Sjöhistoriska

Sjöhistoriska museet

Ongoing — 2018-08-30      

In the children´s craft workshop at Sjöhistoriska – Ruskpricken, adults and children can create their own items with inspiration from Sjöhistoriska’s various themes such as seafare, ships and maritime environments. To your assistance there are…

Guitars of the Stars at ABBA The Museum

ABBA The Museum

Ongoing — 2019-01-25      

ABBA The Museum is proud to present a temporary exhibition featuring a unique collection of signature guitars! You don’t need to be a guitar nerd to appreciate the beauty of these spectacular instruments. The power…

Sigrid Hjertén – A Masterly Colourist

Prince Eugen´s Waldemarsudde

Ongoing — 2018-08-19      

Sigrid Hjertén (1885–1948) is a front figure of the Swedish Modernist avantgarde. The exhibition features a large number of her works from the 1910s and up to her critically-acclaimed breakthrough in the 1930s.

Guided tour: Absolut Art Collection – The Wilder Side

The Museum of Spirits

Ongoing — 2018-09-09      

A guided tour of the exhibition  Absolut Art Collection  - The Wilder Side at Spritmuseum.

Skansen’s Folk Dancers


Ongoing — 2018-08-31      

Enjoy Swedish Folk dance and Folk music at its best.

ABBA The Museum has expanded!

ABBA The Museum

Ongoing — 2018-12-01      

Thirty-six years have passed since Sweden’s most successful musical export stopped performing together, but their songs are being played today more than ever.

Lars Lerin


Ongoing — 2018-09-09      

Lars Lerin is the premier watercolourist of the Nordic region. Here you can see hundreds of his paintings from 2002–2018.

Fantastic Frogs

Aquaria water Museum

Ongoing — 2018-12-31      

The amphibians are here! Amphibians date back almost 350 million years. One of the earliest species belonged to Labyrinthodontia, a large aquatic amphibian. Amphibians today include frogs, toads, salamanders/newts and caecilians. You will meet many…

Visit the Museum ships

Sjöhistoriska museet

Ongoing — 2018-09-02      

Go on board the icebreaker Sankt Erik and lightship Finngrundet in Galärvarvet this summer!

Guided tours at Vikingaliv


Ongoing — 2018-08-13      

Daily guided tours are given in the exhibition, both in Swedish and in English:

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