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Workshop at Sjöhistoriska

Sjöhistoriska museet

Ongoing — 2018-08-30      

In the  workshop Ruskpricken, adults and children can together create their own items in the Sjöhistoriska’s various themes such as seafare , ships and maritime environments. To your assistance there are amazing educators and lots…

Stockholm Winter Tour – Boat sightseeing tour with M/S Angantyr

Strömma boat

Ongoing — 2018-03-29      

A sightseeing tour by boat in a wintery Stockholm, along the city’s quays, out to and around the islands of Fjäderholmarna. There are skin rugs and fleece blankets to keep you warm on upper deck, if…

Guided tours at the Museum

Nordiska museet

Ongoing — 2018-05-27      

Discover the exhibitions My 1950’s and Table settings every weekend at the Nordic Museum. The guided tours are included in the entrance fee. 11 am – Guided tour of the exhibition My 1950’s 1 pm –…

The Spring Salon


Ongoing — 2018-03-25      

The 12th of January The Spring Salon opens once again at Djurgården. As usual it will be an exciting mixture of new and established artists, young (under 18), and old (the oldest artist was 99…

Presentations of Spring Salon 2018

Ongoing — 2018-03-25      

Liljevalchs invites you to a generous “smorgasbord” of art, and every open day presents the exhibition by Liljevalch’s art hosts. Guided tours are held at 1pm and 3pm

Talk about the Police


Ongoing — 2018-05-27      

Go on a guided tour for children about the Police at the Police Museum and ask questions to a Policeman from the Police school, you can also look at the equipment the police uses in their…

Circus Skansen


Ongoing — 2018-04-29      

Meet among many others the floating Miss L in her trapeze and balancing artist La Tarantella in her spider web. See the world’s strongest man lift the heaviest objects and pirates of the Caribbean bring…

Bo Kasper´s Orchestra- all light on us


Ongoing — 2018-03-10      

“All light on us” gives the audience the best of Bo Kaspers Orchestra’s 25-year career. Note! Wednesday 24/1, thereafter Thursday, Friday & Saturday 26 January – 10 March 2018 Click here for more information  

Guitars of the Stars

ABBA The Museum

Ongoing — 2019-01-25      

ABBA The Museum is proud to present a temporary exhibition featuring a unique collection of signature guitars! You don’t need to be a guitar nerd to appreciate the beauty of these spectacular instruments. The power…

Artist of the Month – Emma Vo


Ongoing — 2018-02-28      

Emma Vo takes inspiration from nature, the ocean and the sky to create colorful, abstract paintings with her “fluid painting” style.

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