Sissela Kyle

Sissela Kyle

My name is Sissela Kyle and i’m the director of Parkteatern. Since December 2005, my workplace has been here at Djurgården.

Parkteatern’s office is located in Boathouse 2, next to the newly opened Vikingaliv. In our house you can’t open the windows, instead we have a fan system that rumbles like a big ferry, but you don’t really realize just how tiring that is until you go take a step outside.

The sound of Djurgården is the squeak of the tram, pedaling from the bikes, the noise from groups of children, seagull cries, honks from tourist buses, and the screaming from the roller coasters. But, just a few steps away, are the whirring of the big trees, and the ripple of water on the pebbled beach. The silence and tranquility is just next door, you only have to walk down the main road, Djurgårdsvägen, for a little while, and there it is. The peaceful calmness.

I have a memory of myself when I was new to Stockholm, at the end of the seventies. I was walking out to Hundudden after a late party night in the light of the early summer sun, and kissed a cute young man who’s name I can’t remember. What is preserved in my memory is Djurgården as a romantic dream.

Nowadays, I enjoy working on this beautiful island everyday, because this is where Parkteatern has its home. This is where we plan during the winter,  and have our first rehearsals during the cold days of May. This is where we preform on Midsummer’s Day, and all throughout July. Our work in the suburbs are often emphasized, and that is important as well, but to be able to work here at Djurgården is really meaningful, since a lot of the activities here costs money. The entrance to Parkteatern is always free, and with our relaxed and opened approach we are a non-profit organisation that is needed on the island.

Djurgården is a place for Stockholmers and tourists, for visiting a restaurant or a museum, for noisy crowds, for the sound of the waves and trees, and for Parkteatern!

Sisselas three favorites: Skansen – I love this place and I always bring visitors here. The Thiel Gallery – and especially the walk to the gallery. The Djurgården ferry – a lovely way to get to work.

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