25% discount for 25 days

25% discount for 25 days


What’s better than a little bit of culture at Djurgården? A lot of culture, of course! 


After a tough summer, we are all in need of a culture fix. And what better than an autumn filled with cultural experiences at Djurgården? In order for you to be able to experience as much culture, literature, art, technology, fashion and music as possible this autumn, 11 of Djurgården’s museums are coming together for the first time to offer a special discount on your visit.

This exciting offer starts on 10th September. The 11 museums included are: ABBA The Museum, The Museum of Ethnography, Junibacken, Nordiska museet, The Snus and Match Museum, The Maritime Museum, The Museum of Spirits, Tekniska museet, The Thiel Gallery, The Vasa Museum and The Viking Museum.

For 25 days, from 10th September to 5th October, visit one of these museums and then get 25% off admission at another. When you pay for your admission at the first museum, you’ll be given a receipt and discount voucher. In order to claim your discount, all you have to do is bring them with you to the second museum and show them when you arrive. 

Three of the eleven museums have free admission, so they’re offering a 25% discount on other things instead: At the Museum of Ethnography you get 25% off at the museum shop, at the Snus and Match Museum it’s 25% off their guided tours and room bookings, and the Maritime Museum is offering 25% off posters in their museum shop. If your first museum visit is to one of these three museums, you will be given your discount voucher on your way out, as well as a ticket or similar, which you can show as a proof of visit.

The discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

There is plenty of space for everyone here at Royal Djurgården. Come and join us for a culture-filled autumn!


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