5 ways to visit Royal Djurgården – from home!

5 ways to visit Royal Djurgården – from home!


The world is going through a tough time at the moment. With many of us currently cooped up inside our homes for the majority of the day, the feeling of wanderlust is at an all-time high. But just because many attractions are closed, that doesn’t mean you still can’t visit them…

Whether you’ve been forced to postpone your trip to Stockholm or simply want to see what there is to discover on Djurgården, we have plenty of ways for you to experience our unique and amazing island.

Here are 5 ways to visit Royal Djurgården – from home!

1. Give Robot Yoga a go!

Sure, you can do cat, dog or goat yoga, but have you ever tried robot yoga? Robin and his robot Alex from Tekniska Museet will take you through 7 minutes’ of yoga, ranging from simple exercises to some that are more challenging. Something fun for the whole family!

2. Explore the Vasa ship

Watch films and listen to podcasts from The Vasa Museum, and feel as though you’re visiting the ship for yourself! You can also read about the ship and the museum’s exhibitions and collections, all from your sofa!

3. Go for a scenic stroll around Djurgården

Experience the history and sights of southern Djurgården and Haga Park with an app and audio guide. The Royal Walks app guides you through Djurgården, from Djurgården Bridge and along the waterfront to the Royal summer palace, Rosendal. ‘Royal Walks’ can be downloaded free from the App Store and Google Play.

4. Peruse Edvard Munch’s artwork

The Experimental Self: Edvard Munch’s Photography is one of The Thiel Gallery‘s exhibitions, and you can still experience it digitally while the museum itself is closed! The gallery’s Wikimedia Commons collection consists of 106 high-resolution images of Edvard Munch’s paintings, etchings, lithographs and woodcuts from the Thiel Gallery Collection.

5. Take a virtual tour of the Museum of Ethnography

Walk around and visit the exhibitions at The Museum of Ethnography as if you were really there! The Street View tool takes you around the museum, and you can then explore some of the objects in closer detail via Google Arts & Culture.


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