Royal Djurgården Tour

Experience all of Royal Djurgarden, on probably the biggest sightseeing train in the world

Royal Djurgården is vast and majestic, almost magical. Full of museums, castles, art galleries, historical buildings and century old restaurants and cafés.

Royal Djurgården Tour departs from Nordiska museet and takes you around Royal Djurgården on a guided tour that lasts approximately 50 minutes. It is also a Hop On Hop Off ticket, which allows you to hop off at any stop to explore an attraction and later hop back on, to get to the next attraction or destination.

The train is 4.5 metres high (almost 15ft) and gives you a unique panoramic view of Royal Djurgården.

The train can also be hired for weddings, company events and other occasions.

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Royal Djurgården Tour

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Kungliga Djurgårdens Intressenter, KDI AB, coordinates attractions and joint activities on Djurgården. Learn more