The Skansen-Aquarium

The world's most different aquarium

The Skansen-Aquarium is the world’s most different aquarium. In here you can find everything from monkeys, fishes and crocodiles, to scorpions, parrots and frogs. Welcome to an exciting and exotic part of Skansen. (The entrance to Skansen is not included). PS! If you have a year-long ticket to Skansen you only pay half the entrance fee.

At The Skansen-Aquarium there is always something new going on! Since the start in 1978 the aquarium has been rebuilt and broadened with new animals and experiences. As the years passed the aquarium is now more like an arc than an actual aquarium.

You can pet a snake and a spider in their pet and hugging corner which is open on weekends and holidays during off season and daily during  peak season.

Djurgårdsslätten 49-51, 115 21 Stockholm