The Vasa Tour

A deeper Vasa experience - go back to 1628

You have probably heard of the Vasa ship that sank, but do you know where it all happened?

You can now get a deeper Vasa experience, from the water! The Vasa Tour takes you back to Stockholm in year 1628 by boat, on the same trip as the ship once did before it capsized. You can choose between two starting points, either Nybrokajen or Vasabryggan, and it is guided in both Swedish and English.

Why not start or finish your visit to Djurgården with this unique historical trip.

Starts at Nybrokajen (Nybrohamnen 2, 111 47 Stockholm) and Vasabryggan (Galärvarvsvägen, 115 21 Stockholm).

+46 (079)-337 34 59

250 SEK

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