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Exhibition: Vasa’s Women – Always present, often invisible


Ongoing — 2019-12-01      

An exhibition about women around the ship Vasa, and about women's living conditions in early 17th century Sweden.

Family activities at the Vasa Museum


Ongoing — 2019-12-31      

At the Vasa Museum your whole family can share an adventure. Follow family trails, see a children's film, climb into a diving bell and much more.

Exhibition – I Save lives

The Maritime museum – Sjöhistoriska museet

Ongoing — 2019-04-30      

Thousands of people flee over the Mediterranean. In the exhibition you will be able to take part of the Maritime History Museum’s documentation of the coast guard and the sea rescue society’s efforts in the…

The Future of Food & Drink

The Museum of Spirits

Ongoing — 2019-10-31      

An exhibition on future visions, health trends and climate-friendly cuisine.

The Future of food and drink at the Museum of Spirits

The Museum of Spirits

Ongoing — 2019-10-31      

Starting 7 February, Spritmuseum presents “The Future of Food & Drink”, an exhibition for everyone who’s curious about what we will be eating tomorrow, how to prepare for the future of food, and why food…

The Jobs sisters – ceramics and textiles

The Thiel Gallery

Ongoing — 2019-06-02      

The exhibition will present the two artists aesthetic vision in a lustful manner by using striking stagings in which living plants will be an important part of the setting.

Björn Wessman – A painter’s path

Prince Eugen´s Waldemarsudde

Ongoing — 2019-05-26      

Nature and vegetation came early to interest Björn Wessman, which also characterized his artistry. Views from walks in the world, botanical gardens and the primeval forest around the studio in the Stockholm archipelago are recurring…

Jumping beans


Ongoing — 2019-05-12      

Junibacken in partnership with YouTube Kids

British – ever so Nordic

Nordiska Museet/The Nordic Museum

Ongoing — 2020-03-29      

An exhibition about Nordic fashion, clothes style and lifestyle with influences from Britain.

MAMMA MIA! Behind The Movie Magic

ABBA The Museum

Ongoing — 2020-04-05      

ABBA The Museum welcomes you to step in behind the scenes of the MAMMA MIA! movies.

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