Karin Alfredsson in the film room in Liljevalchs+



2021-12-16 — 2022-02-13

Inspired by untouched nature, photographer Karin Alfredsson now shohs her latest work “Norther Arctic Ocean” in Liljevalchs+. We get to follow the icebreaker Oden (Odin) who is on the lookout for climate change, Karin is on the journey as a field assistant. With her camera at the ready she follows the ship’s invisible movement forward through the icy waters.

It roars, it cracks, the flakes split, all while nature – the seemingly infinite – changes its light. It is beautiful and melancholy at the same time.

The Arctic Ocean touches our own smallness in the face of nature’s might. The film is 20 minutes long and congenially sounded by composer Sebastian Öberg, former member of the Pork Quartet.

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