The Art of Forgery


The Police Museum

2021-08-01 — 2021-12-31

In the Police Museum’s new exhibition The Art of Forgery they display paintings falsely credited to artist as Picasso and Jenny Nyström among other famous artists before the police seized them and declared them forged artwork.

With the help of art investigator Peter Lloyd who works at the City Police in Stockholm, the Police Museum has collected a section of paintings that circulated on the art market before the police suspected them of forgery and caught them.

But it’s not forbidden to paint a work of art similar to someone else’s or to copy someone’s style, so when does art forgery become a crime? Can you learn to judge if a painting is forged and what should you keep in mind before buying a work of art? These are the questions the Police Museum are trying to answer in the exhibition The Art of Forgery.

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