Soviet Poster Art



2018-10-12 — 2019-01-06

This autumn Liljevalchs will make an in-depth study of Soviet poster art from the 1920s and 1930s. From a unique Japanese collection, one of the biggest in the world, we will show 200 film and propaganda posters produced during the brutal regimes of Lenin and Stalin.

The posters were created by some of the foremost Soviet artists of that time, including Georgij and Vladimir Stenberg, brothers of Swedish origin.

In addition to the posters, the exhibition includes music, film, digital innovation and seminars.


Open hours

Opening hours Monday 11.00–17.00
Tuesday and Thursday 11.00–20.00
Wednesday and Friday–Sunday 11.00–17.00


Entrance fee SEK 80, free entry for under 18s.
Free entry for all on Mondays.