US & THEM – an exhibition about hate crime


The Police Museum

2021-01-27 — 2023-10-31

Someone commits a crime against one or more people, just because of the victim’s sexual orientation, religion, or ethnic background. Hatred, fear, or prejudice are the reasons behind it. Such crimes are called hate crimes. 

Us & Them is an exhibition which burns as much as it touches you, where visitors get the the time to reflect, feel, and think.

Why do hate crimes hit harder? Why aren’t more hate crimes reported? What actions are the police taking? What can you do? These are some of the questions that the exhibition Us & them brings up.

The Police Museum aims to raise awareness, through an educational program, about hate crimes. The exhibition provides several perspectives on hate crime and focuses on on the visitor and their experiences.

Open hours

Monday: closed
Tuesday - Friday 12.00-17.00
Saturday - Sunday 11.00-17.00


Children and adolescents up to the age of 19 years: free admission
Students/Seniors: 40 SEK
Adults: 60 SEK
Season ticket: 200 SEK