Culture Night 2024

Culture Night 2024


On April 20, it is time for this year’s Culture Night to take place. During the Culture Night, Stockholm’s museum and cultural life opens its doors with free admission and programs. This is in collaboration between the city of Stockholm and Stockholm’s cultural life and gives people the opportunity to explore everything the city has to offer. Whether you want to revisit your favorites or discover new ones, this is a magical evening!

You can read more about the program for Culture Night 2024 here. Djurgården is of course participating and here is what is happening on the island:


In order to have time to experience all the exciting things during the Culture Night, it is important to be able to get around smoothly, but even your transportation must be special during this evening. For everyone who spends the cultural night at Djurgården, Djurgårdslinjen is the given choice. They will run their historic trams between Norrmalmstorg-Waldemarsudde with last departure as late as 22:35! In addition, they run their historic buses from the 1940s that run the between: Karlaplan – Liljevalchs – Thiel Gallery – Museum park – Karlaplan.

Djurgårdsbron och Royal Djurgården Visitor Center: 

Just as you step over the bridge you are greeted by the culture night! Have a drink at restaurant Djurgårdsbron while waiting for everything to open or take a break during the busy evening. With several of our museums just a stone’s throw away, Djurgårdsbron is the perfect stop!

Here you will also find our tourist information Royal Djurgården Visitor Center, which not only has brochures, maps and the cultural night’s program folder, but can also help you plan the perfect evening. Start the evening there and learn more about what not to miss on Djurgården or stop by to figure out your next step.


Love flourishes at Skansen during the culture night! How do the mating rituals of the animal kingdom work? How did you date in the old days via ads? How did you find a partner 100 years ago? How do moose date? At Skansen, you can even get your own historical love advice! Bollnästorget’s dance floor is filled with music and dance when it is visited by the country club STHLM HONKY TONK.

Vrak – Museum of Wreck’s

See how Vrak, with the help of holograms, makes the cultural heritage below the surface accessible, join pop-up tours and try diving without getting wet with their VR goggles. Enjoy good food and drinks from Mackverket with DJ music. Outside the museum, there will be a fire show and meetings with divers who show off their equipment and talk about what they do.

Cultural night at Vrak and Mackverket

The Maritime Museum:

The Maritime History Museum invites you to an evening with the theme of tattoos and macrame tying, two common elements in the lives of sailors back in the day. Robin and Isak from East Street Tattoo offer drop-in tattoos. The Sjöhistoriska café & bar is also open during the evening, where there is free macrame tying. There you can also grab something good to eat or drink.

Bus 69 to Museiparken is reinforced with an extra bus approximately every 20 minutes between regular lines.

Nordiska Museet:

Already waiting to enter the museum, you are greeted by the Cirkus Cirkör, which lights up the April evening with a fire show and acrobatics! The evening has the theme “Northerners meet” and will be filled with various activities. Beer tasting in the great hall, Bruno’s hot dog bar at Café Lusknäppen and magical tones from pianist Nataša Vlajić who offers atmospheric national romantic music from all corners of the Nordic region.

Thiel Gallery:

Go further out on Djurgården and visit the Thiel Gallery with buses from 1947 and 1948 that will run the route Karlaplan–Thiel Gallery every hour and a half. The museum gives guided tours all evening in the large art collection! Discover the grand and beautiful environment or the exhibition “A new light. Stefan Johansson”. Café Monika Ahlberg is also open during the cultural night and will offer a large selection of goodies throughout the evening.

The Vasa museum:

Welcome to Vasa’s history during the culture night! Dive into the world of LEGO® in the new Brick Wrecks exhibition. Brick magician Stefan Eriksson mingles around with his magic shows, stroll around in the museum’s exhibitions and, of course, a lot of building with LEGO®! Take a break and enjoy a meal or a drink under Vasa’s magnificent galleon.

Cultural night at the Vasa Museum

Djurgården Church:

In the heart of Djurgården you will find our charming and warm Djurgården Church. Here you can go inside and see the fantastic interior with art from, among others, Prince Eugene. The church also has its own small art exhibition where during the culture night, they will show Gunilla Iversen’s paintings in oil and watercolor as well as stoneware. At 8.00 pm there will also be a beautiful concert with Thomas Hammar and Miriam Andersén.

Spritmuseum – Swedish drinking culture and history

Welcome to Spritmuseum’s speak-easy and 1920s Stockholm. At Spritmuseum, true crime and love are on the agenda. Guided tours of their exhibitions throughout the evening, DJ and of course good drinks. Drink cocktails from the 1920s or stroll through their fantastic exhibitions.

Culture night at Spritmuseum

The Museum of Ethnography:

Dive into Mexican culture and history at The Museum of Ethnography in an evening centered around the exhibition – ¡Viva México!. The museum is filled with tunes as it is filled with instruments around every corner and where everyone can participate in the world orchestra. In addition to music workshops, you can also make pinatas and Mexican yarn paintings.

Bus 69 to Museiparken will be reinforced with an extra bus approximately every 20 minutes between regular lines.

Tekniska museet:

Tekniska celebrates 100 years and the whole year is filled with celebrations, and the cultural night is of course also part of their eventful year. New Wisdome opens the doors for the night’s program and Tekniska will offer everything from Promt Battle to AI art. Unique experiences for a unique night!

Part of their celebration for 100 years is also the opening of The Cell, which has its premier along with the culture night. A new life science scene that is in collaboration with the Karolinska Institutet.

Bus 69 to Museiparken will be reinforced with an extra bus approximately every 20 minutes between regular lines.

Wisdome at Tekniska

The Snus and Match Museum:

The Snus and match museum inside Skansen offers an evening themed around fire tools and ash production. In the museum’s fantastic collection, you will find objects throughout the ages that have been used to make fire. Hear the story of the history of matches and design your own matchbox!

Police Museum:

Cultural night at the Police Museum means an evening filled with excitement and true crime! Here you can meet police officers, test your knowledge in the true crime quiz, go on tours and see if you can solve the case at a crime scene. Such a fun evening it should almost be called criminal!

Bus 69 to Museiparken will be reinforced with an extra bus approximately every 20 minutes between regular lines.

Cultural night at the Police Museum

National Sports Museum:

At the national sports museum, sports and play are on the agenda! Here you can try different sports, traditional as well as new. A place where you can let loose and try things out! They also open the doors to their art exhibition Konsthall 16, where their latest exhibition is now on display: Alexandra Larsson Jacobson – We Play, I Push, You Hold, We Fall.

Bus 69 to Museiparken will be reinforced with an extra bus approximately every 20 minutes between regular lines.

The museum ships:

The Maritime History Museum has a fantastic collection of museum ships that are displayed on the pier outside the Vasa Museum on Djurgårdsstrand. Here you can step aboard the historic ships and join walks around all its corners. Experience, feel and listen to a working steam engine from 1918 or board a K-marked and seagoing traditional ship from 1941.

ABBA the museum:

ABBA the museum is visited by none other than Owe Sandström, ABBA’s very own designer! The man behind the music group’s iconic and glittery costumes will be there to talk about his creations and his creative process. In addition to that, there will of course be lots of singing and dancing all night long!

Photo. ABBA the museum


Just as the culture night is a sign of spring, Liljevalch’s spring salon is also an important sign. During the evening, you will be able to explore a total of four exhibitions. As well as being able to take part in guided tours that guide you through the various artworks.

The Viking Museum:

Meet Vikings at The Viking Museum. Explore the exhibits where you can delve into who the Viking were. Take a trip in Ragnfrid’s Saga where you travel through Europe with Harald who, in the hope of saving farm and honor, heads on a raid out east. The restaurant is also open during the culture night.

This is just a small part of the magical cultural night, read more on their website and see what the rest of Stockholm has to offer! You will find the entire program here.

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