Easter break at Djurgården 2024

Easter break at Djurgården 2024


Easter break is just around the corner, and here at Royal Djurgården our museums have prepared with plenty of fun and Easter-themed activities for all ages. Participate in a fun egg hunt at Abba The Museum, enjoy Easter crafts and theater performances at Junibacken, immerse yourself in the world of mermaids at the Maritime Museum and experience an exciting Viking-era spring blot at The Viking Museum!

Below you’ll find more Easter break tips, choose something exciting to look forward to!

Photo: Anna Hugosson, Easter crafts at Skogens hus at Skansen.

Go on an Egg Hunt at ABBA The Museum

Visit ABBA The Museum and try to find all the eggs hidden in the museum’s exhibitions! Get help from a friend or your mom and dad and try to find them all!

Cozy days at the Museum of Ethnography during the Easter break!

March 29 – April 7

The Children’s World Orchestra, Museum of Ethnography

Come along on a journey through the millennia-old history of Mexico at the Museum of Ethnography! Among the Maya, Aztecs, and Spaniards, you will encounter gods, freedom fighters, and artists who, through objects, images, and stories, provide insight into how modern Mexico has shaped its unique culture and identity. In the museum workshop, you can also create your own Mexican yarn paintings, and there will be a music workshop with the Children’s World Orchestra!

Magical Easter Break at Junibacken

Between March 25th and April 7th, Junibacken welcomes you to a variety of exciting activities for the whole family. Every day, you can enjoy theater performances, explore the playful exhibitions, and, of course, take a ride in Astrid Lindgren’s Story Train!

Come dressed up to Junibacken during the Easter holiday and receive a small gift! Whether you choose to dress up as an Easter witch, bunny or anything else Easter-inspired, you are welcome to participate.

Every day, there will be lively theater performances such as “Aja baja, Alfons Åberg” which is performed in the Salon on selected days during the Easter break. Despite the short duration of the performance, approximately ten minutes, Alfie Atkins manages to build a helicopter and land in the jungle! See all the theater performances offered here.

In the Pavilion, you can participate in “eggstra” fun Easter activities. Together, you’ll transform “Blåkulla” into a chicken yard! Cut, glue and make crazy hens, feathered chickens and roosters that crow! You can choose to leave your creation at Blåkulla or take it home as a souvenir from your visit to Junibacken.

Easter crafts at Junibacken

Easter break at Nordiska museet 

Nordiska museet takes you on a journey through time! Explore the Time Vault and step into children’s history through a magical portal. Or dress up as a maid or servant and play your way through all the farm’s chores in the Playhouse! Continue the day solving missions in exhibitions together with the family! Many different family tracks await you.

Photo: Helena Bonnevier,

Easter Break with theme of Mermaids at the Maritime Museum.

March 29th – April 7th

Dive into the world of mermaids at the Maritime Museum during the Easter break. Throughout history, across the world, folklore about mermaids has existed. The earliest myths can be traced back to the dawn of civilization in Mesopotamia. But how pleasant are mermaids really? Not very, if you believe the folk tales.

Join family tours, storytimes, take part in the Treasure Hunt competition, and visit the Creative Workshop to craft your own mermaid creations together.

Exciting Easter Egg Hunt at the Spritmuseum

Spritmuseum is open every day during Easter, and in the museum’s restaurant, you can enjoy traditional Swedish Easter food. In the museum’s exhibitions ‘True Crime’ and ‘Sweden: Spirits of a Nation’, Easter eggs are hidden for all children to find, and a sweet reward is promised to those who can find the hidden eggs!

Easter Break at Vrak – Museum of Wrecks

March 28th – April 7th

The Easter holidays are a perfect opportunity for families to do things together at Vrak – Museum of Wrecks! Join guided tours and hear stories about old ships and believes on board. During the week leading up to Easter, there are several activities going on in the museum – take part in creating underwater animals in the museums work shop. Let your imagination run wild! Try diving without getting wet with VR headsets and experience a wreck beneath the surface.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Vrak – Museum of Wrecks’ neighbor, the dive tank house , which is a cool place to explore!

Easter celebration at Skansen

Photographer: Anna Hugosson, Skansen

Skansen always hosts fantastic celebrations for all holidays and is perfect for those seeking a traditional, magical Easter. This year, Easter will be celebrated at Skansen between March 28th and April 7th and will be filled with lots of fun festivities. See and try Ukrainian egg painting (March 29-30), learn more about eggs at “Lill-Skansen”, listen to music and stories, paint yourself or someone else as an Easter witch, and do Easter crafts in Bragehallen. Go on a quiz walk and grill sausages at Bollnästorget! In Skansen’s cultural-historical environments, you’ll meet their educators and learn more about how Easter has been celebrated at different times. On Easter Eve (March 30th) and Easter Day (March 31st), there will be a spring concert with the folk music trio Kviga in Seglora and song-playing with Skansen’s musicians in Älvrosgården (also on Easter Monday, April 1st).

Can you solve the case of the egg thief at the Police Museum?

April 2 – April 7

The Police Museum’s valuable golden eggs have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Help the museum staff to find the thief! In the children’s tour “Talk about the Police,” you’ll see what police officers carry on their belts and learn how fast a police car can actually drive. Additionally, a crime has been committed at the Police Museum, and evidence is needed to solve the case. What clues can you find?

In the museum’s children’s exhibition ‘Police, Police…’, you can also dress up in a police uniform and try the police car. The Police Museum has something for children of all ages during the Easter break.

Easter Crafts and Egg Hunt at Thiel Gallery 

Thiel Gallery welcomes you and the whole family to enjoy fun Easter crafts at their craft table and go on an exciting egg hunt in the art collection. The craft table is open between March 29th-31st. The egg hunt is available throughout the Easter break between March 29th and April 7th.

Admission to the museum is free for children, but a craft ticket costs 20 SEK, and adults pay the regular entrance fee.

Embark on a space adventure at Tekniska – National Museum Science and Technology! 

Embark on a space adventure during the Easter Break! The National Museum of Science and Technology has filled its Easter break week with space activities for all ages. Take a journey to space and explore the stars and planets in 3D in Wisdome Stockholm. Or why not build your own spacecraft with ESERO’s space workshop? Make your Easter break unique and visit Stockholm’s most space-themed museum!

Easter Break at the Vasa Museum

The Easter break at the Vasa Museum brings lots of fun LEGO® activities for children, both inside and outside the temporary Brickwrecks exhibition, where you can explore the ship Vasa and other famous wrecks built in LEGO®.

LEGO® building at the Vasa museum

Additionally, the museum will host visits from master builders who will create a LEGO® model of Titanic in front of an audience, and magician Stefan Eriksson will perform magic shows for the whole family. Easter break also offers other enjoyable activities, such as a competition to guess the number of LEGO® pieces, the opportunity to create your own face mask inspired by LEGO® minifigures, and participating in building mosaic paintings in LEGO® inspired by Vasa’s sculptures.

Magic show at the Vasa museum

Try the new activity “The Trade Journey” at The Viking Museum during the Easter holiday!

In spring, a lot was happening in the world of the Vikings! It was high time to think about this year’s harvest and plan for the summer’s trade journeys.

During the Easter break, you can visit The Viking Museum and try the museum’s new activity “The Trade Journey.” At the entrance desk, ask for materials for “The Trade Journey,” and then simply follow the instructions in the exhibition. If you are successful, you will return with lots of silver, and then there’s a chance to land on the museum’s high score stone!

Between 2 pm and 5 pm every day, there will be a Viking-era merchant to discuss trade with, as well as trade goods to take a closer look at.

On April 7th at 3.30 pm, a spring blot will be held at the museum to ask the gods for help with crops and future harvests. This begins with a thematic tour in the exhibition and ends with a Viking-era blot ceremony outside the museum. The blot is included in the admission ticket, and everyone is welcome to participate.

Additionally, there will be daily family tours in both Swedish and English throughout the Easter break, and of course, the museum’s adventure journey “Ragnfrid’s Saga” will continue as usual.

Guided tour at The Viking Museum

Keep your eyes open for more exciting Easter break activities that will be posted here as Djurgårdens museums reveal what they have to offer during the Easter holiday!

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