Allmänna Gränd

A close-by and cozy restaurant with a warm feeling

At Allmänna Gränd you can come and experience a nice and familiar atmosphere, where you can enjoy a home cooked meal for lunch or dinner. Their hamburgers are grilled and the meat is grounded by hand and selected carefully. Of course, the restaurant also makes their own hamburger buns.

The restaurant is located right where most things are happening here on Djurgården; a culinary oasis and a perfect break from all the fun things that are going on around here. The space inside has been renovated in order to bring out the history that this place holds and invites you to a North American-inspired experience with a touch of Tex Mex-flavors.

Come by and enjoy a cold beer on the terrace or come inside and see the historical Djurgården restaurant, and try out something warming from their exciting menu.


Allmänna gränd 6,
115 21 Stockholm

+46 (0)8-661 41 40

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