Lilla Hasselbacken

Royal Djurgårdens oldest restaurant & café anno 1866

Dating back to 1866, Lilla Hasselbacken is a genuine classic at Royal Djurgården. Its traditional look and tranquil atmosphere makes it a popular oasis, and it appeals to regulars as well as new customers with its quiet, yet central location. If you want a drink, a calm coffee break, Swedish “fika”, a lunch stop along your walk, or a cozy dinner – Lilla Hasselbacken is the place.

The restaurant menu offers both Swedish and international cuisine, and the Bistro offers smaller hot and cold dishes, drinks, snacks and home-baked pastries.

The garden and terrace seats a hundred people, and during the summer there is both barbecues and live music on offer. Open daily and all year round.


Djurgårdsslätten 78-80, 115 21 Stockholm

+46 (0)8-663 71 82

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