Prince van Orangiën

Perhaps one of Stockholm’s most charming hotels?

The hotel Prince Van Orangiën is a very prestigious vessel. Built in 1935 in Vahali te Gendt Holland, no expense was spared. Prince Van Orangiën was originally a home and an office for a shipowner who sailed around Europe with his dredge fleet. The decor consists of oak, ebony, rosewood and Belgian slate and five different kinds of marble.

The vessel has been meticulously managed and maintained by its former owners, and until 2007 it was a private home. As the fourth owner, Agneta Green & Magnus Ek have tried to do as little as possible in their work to transform it from a home to a small and unique hotel.


Beckholmsvägen 26, 115 21 Stockholm

+46 (0)8-551 531 05

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