Villa Källhagen

Eat and drink well: we create modern food with Swedish roots and a glimpse of the future

We create food with Swedish roots and with vision of the future. The in-house restaurant uses fresh, seasonal ingredients in its traditional Swedish dishes. The cellar offers an extensive wine list. You can easily enjoy a day here – both in the garden during the summer and by the fireplace in the lobby during the cold months.

Chambre Séparée: There are plenty of opportunities to celebrate, and we help you arrange all types of parties for every moment. Have a glass of Champagne in the garden before dinner or mingle under the sky. With us, everything is possible and we do everything we can to meet your wishes.

Villa Källhagen is an idyllic spot, so close to nature, yet also to the middle of town.


Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 10

+46 (0)8-665 03 00

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