Skansen's Restaurants

Everything from crispy waffles to "fika" and traditional Swedish food

At Skansen’s Restaurants you can enjoy a variety of options for lunch, a “fika” or traditional Swedish food.

Terrassen is a light and pleasant self-service restaurant with food for the whole family. It is easy to sneak in for a good meal or a coffee break, here they serve both ‘today’s lunch’ as well as meatballs, pancakes, sandwiches and home baked goods! From Terrassen you have a view of the Solliden stage and Stockholm’s inlet.

What is a visit to Skansen without a freshly made waffle from Våffelbruket in Bollnästorget? You’ll find a wide variety of food at Skansen’s kiosks and stalls out in the park.

In Sollidenhuset you will also find the famous Sollidens Matsal, Gustavianska våningen and the 18th century restaurant Tre Byttor. There are two completely unique restaurants in the Skansen area, by Lill-Skansen: Högloftet and Nyloftet. Högloftet has a rustic, ancient Norse character while Nyloftet offer a more romantic, 18th century style.

All venues are possible to book for events, conferences and weddings, where they can accommodate parties of 25 to 550 guests!


Djurgårdsslätten 49-51, 115 21 Stockholm

+46 (0)8-566 370 00

Entrance fee to Skansen will be added.

Free admission if you book a pre-order menu and are over 10 people

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