Friends of Handicraft 150 year-jubilee!

Friends of Handicraft 150 year-jubilee!


It is now 150 years since Friends of Handicraft was founded, and it must of course be celebrated throughout 2024! They have preserved and developed the art of textile craftsmanship through several generations. They have contributed works to, among others, the Cultural Center, the Lifeguard, the UN headquarters, KTH, Drottningholm Palace and the Royal Opera House, to name a few. The jubilee-year offers new exhibitions, courses, events and more.

Poto. Friends of Handicraft

In 1874, Friends of Handicraft was founded by Sophie Adlersparre and her friends, and since then has been a leader in the textile arts while fighting for women’s right to education and self-support. Since founding, they have worked with several well-known artists as well as clients. Friends of Handicraft also educate the next generation of textile workers in their school and carries on the legacy.

Poto. Friends of Handicraft

It will be celebrated well!

The Friends of Handicraft have plans for the whole year and it will be celebrated big. They are starting already with a brand new exhibition called ‘Fiber futures – Alumni – next generation textile art’ which will open on March 21, 2024. In the exhibition, the visitor can meet textile artisans and textile artists who have been trained at the Friends of Handicraft school.

The official 150-year exhibition opens in HV Gallery on October 10. A selection of textile art, sketches and samples, created by Handarbetets Vänner in collaboration with the great artists of the past and present. Mastering traditional techniques and at the same time being constantly innovative has meant that Friends of Handicraft has been at the forefront of the textile field throughout its 150-year history.

From October 2, Friends of Handicraft will have a pop-up exhibition in the middle of Sergels Torg. A student exhibition where you can see the work of the school’s students who play with the idea of what a pillow can be. The exhibition ‘Hyende, Mumrik, Puff, Pöl, Plymå’ opens in connection with Stockholm Craft Week.

Poto. Friends of Handicraft

A brand new book.

A large part of the celebration is also the new book ‘En Textil historia’, which will be published in the fall of 2024. In the book, we get to meet several of the well-known artists who in our time collaborated with Friends of Handicraft. We also get to know the skilled artisans who transform their sketches into monumental works of art, which are displayed in public settings. As well as a unique insight into the process and knowledge transfer that takes place from master to journeyman, teacher and student.

Try it yourself.

Part of their preservation of the craft is of course to pass on the knowledge. On May 15, Friends of Handicraft will visit Nordiska museet for an AW with lecture and creation. The event is also in collaboration with SKH, Stockholm Women’s History, and therefore highlight the woman who founded it, women in the industry and how women have paved the way for subsequent women.

Photo: Nordiska Museet

On September 14, Friends of Handicraft starts an anniversary course where you can participate and A course that focuses on the value, role and impact of textiles in society now and historically. The course contains both theoretical and practical elements.

Jubilee carpet

Twelve graduating students from Higher Textile Craftsmanshipat the Friends of Handicraft school have created it together by weaving each part. One of the projects to celebrate our 150 years in the service of textiles. A colorful carpet with different techniques that create a common textile artwork.

Poto. Friends of Handicraft
Poto. Friends of Handicraft

Friends of Handicraft – School

On 21 March 2024 at 14:00 – 16:00 you are welcome to the Friends of Handicraft school classroom and can meet teachers and students. Get an insight into the work and art in the courses and be inspired. Whether you yourself are keen to apply or are just curious, you are most welcome!

The school provides full-time post-secondary education and is included under the Art and Culture Education (YH education) regulation. It offers full-time textile courses that combine artistic and formal expression with advanced craft skills. The last day to apply is April 15.

Read more about Friends of Handicraft’s anniversary and activities here.

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