The Royal Djurgården Society

Samverkan nu och i framtiden

Royal Djurgården is a green oasis in the centre of Stockholm where both locals and visitors come and enjoy themselves. We have a tradition of over 400 years as a paradise for recreation and entertainment that we want to carry forward into the future.

Royal Djurgården Society (Kungliga Djurgårdens Intressenter), KDI brings together the attractions at Royal Djurgården. Museums, art galleries, entertainment venues, restaurants, service and transport companies collaborate, develop and strengthen Royal Djurgården as a visitors destination. Through KDI AB, KDI works with sustainability, traffic, marketing, PR and coordination of joint activities. KDI AB is established as one of the stronger actor in Stockholm’s visiting industry. The ambition is a growing and developing Royal Djurgården, to the enjoyment and inspiration of the visitors. Royal Djurgården is an important part of Stockholm tha capital of Scandinavia.

Our vision is not just a destination, it’s a continuous journey.

Royal Djurgården is already Scandinavia’s #1 attraction with over 15 million visitors every year. No place in Scandinavia comes close when it comes to the range of activities and things there are to do and discover. But it’s not just about visitor numbers. We’re the biggest custodians of Sweden’s culture. But we’re also ambitious to keep on progressing. We have big ideas about what we can achieve by working together.

But we don’t want to be biggest at any price. We want to be #1 when it comes to being the greenest destination as well. We have accumulated 400 years of thinking in the long term, and we wish to make this central to our vision. Green? There’s actually no greener place in Stockholm.

‘Wow! What a cool place’. It’s the normal response when people first discover Djurgården. Having fun is cool and Djurgården has always been about enjoyment. But Culture can be cool too when presented in the right way. Djurgården is the place Stockholmers go when they want to simply relax and enjoy anything from a walk in the park, to a jog, to a ride or to experience culture, design or ideas. In fact everything from ABBA, to Pippi, the Vasa or even a zoo.

c/o Nordiska Museet

Box 27820

Camilla Zedendahl
+46 (0)709-906973

Kungliga Djurgårdens Intressenter, KDI AB, coordinates attractions and joint activities on Djurgården. Learn more