Villa Godthem

One hundred years of guest service!

Villa Godthem is wholesalerhome which has become one of Stockholm’s most historic and well-known restaurants. The house is located steps away from Djurgårdsbron and was completed in 1874 but then as a private residence for the opera soloist and Performing verifier Carl Johan Uddman before it was turned into an inn in 1897. The house was named after Carl Johan Uddman an evening for once walked home from the opera and when he was standing in the vestibule, he exclaimed: “I have gone home! There and then was born the name Villa Godthem.

Joiner’s joy in the house is found in both the dining room, on the veranda and in the garden cafe and is a large part of the Villa Godthem’s history. It is with love for classic cuisine and tasty Swedish dishes that represent the heritage and the heart of our business. Here you can enjoy a good meal with friends and family in a beautiful environment. Our most well-known is our “plank steak” that has become one of our signature since it first made an entrance at our à la carte menu in the mid-1950s. We have been serving guests for over a hundred years and at Villa Godthem it is equally important to have a well right kind and friendly service. Are you a large group who are having a party, dinner or wedding? Then you can book our club room and chambre séparée. Welcome!


Rosendalsvägen 9, Stockholm

+46 (0)8-684 238 40

Kungliga Djurgårdens Intressenter, KDI AB.
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