Gröna Lund

A place with breathtaking rides, music and restaurants in the heart of Stockholm since 1883!

Whether you decide to dine in one of our restaurants, enjoy a show at the children’s theatre, compete in the pentathlon, experience one of our many live concerts or ride one of our 31 nerve-racking rides – a day at Gröna Lund is always filled with joy and laughter.

Experience the change at Gröna Lund – the place where the unbelievable becomes true, old turns young, the smallest one is the bravest and up is mostly down. Everyone is welcome at Gröna Lund!

Lilla allmänna gränd 9

115 21 Stockholm

+46(0)10-708 91 00


Annika Troselius, Informationschef
+46(0)708-58 00 50

Kungliga Djurgårdens Intressenter, KDI AB.
En medlemsorganisation som samordnar och engagerar nära ett 50-tal intressenter på Djurgården. Läs mer