The Viking Museum – Vikingaliv

Stockholm’s New Museum About The Viking Age!

Vikingaliv takes you along on a historical journey about the vikings and their incredible history. Here we have Ragnfrid’s Saga, an 11-minute long Viking Ride where you’re taken on a journey that will show you parts of the real Viking history.

In the exhibition you can learn about the role of children and women, how people lived, what they cultivated and ate, and how they travelled. You’ll see the impact of the slave trade, looting in the West, and religious practices. Vikingaliv is based on historical facts combined with the very latest academic research into the history of the vikings. Facts that are presented to you in an instructive, fun and interactive way.

Glöd is the museum restaurant, situated in one of the city’s prime locations, overlooking the water in Wasahamnen harbour. With quality in focus, this restaurant serves well prepared food with a modern Nordic touch that is as inviting as the décor.

The shop is located right next to Restaurant Glöd and is a real treasure for those interested in the Viking Age. Here, you’ll find custom design and well-made souvenirs along with many new and unique items associated with the Viking Age.


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