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The internal side of Kungl. Djurgårdens Intressenter


This is the internal side of Kungl. Djurgårdens Intressenter

Here you come as a member, find the latest news and information about our joint ventures. Here is also our Toolbox or toolbox, where you can download our common symbol for Royal Djurgården and read more about our mission, vision and our values.

Not all information is yet in place. But have some patience it’s coming soon.

Below you will find information about the Board of Directors of Kungl. Djurgårdens Interests and even some of the networks we operate.

At Djurgården we cooperate.

Our largest network is Djurgårdsfrukosten. Here, managers, sustainability managers and market leaders gather together once a month to get inspiration and to meet in an informal way.

Other important networks are the International Marketing Group that coordinates marketing efforts abroad and the security group in which Djurgården Security Officers meet to share knowledge and common strategies.


Nordiska Museet
Box 10274
100 55 Stockholm

Camilla Zedendahl
Phone: +46 709 90 69 73

Julia Fredriksson
Tourist information

Monika Ekman

Board of Directors

John Brattmyhr

chairman of the board, Skansen

Peter Skogh

vice chairman of the board, Statens maritima museer

Christer Fogelmarck

Parks & Resorts

Kajsa Medin Hansen


Ingrid Leffler


Per Sundin

Pop House

Peter Henricson

Strömma Turism och Sjöfart

Sanne Houby-Nielsen

Nordiska museet

Caroline Strand

Visit Stockholm

Lars Amreus

Statens Maritima och Transporthistoriska Museer

Magnus Andersson

Kungliga Djurgårdens Förvaltning (KDF)

Marketing Group

Anki Rundgren

Tekniska museet

Annika Troselius

Gröna Lunds Tivoli

Cecilia Dahlström

Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde

Tin-Tin Jersild

Stiftelsen Rosensdals Trädgård

Maria Torén


Miia Lee

Pop House

Sofie Aspelin

SMM Vasamuseet

Sustainability Group

Tin-Tin Jersild

Rosendals Trädgård

Magnus Andersson

KDF, Kungliga Djurgårdens Förvaltning

Mattias Tengblad

Pop House

Sofia Hiller

Nordiska museet

Peter Skogh

Tekniska museet

Carin Broryd

Parks and Resorts

Jan Naumburg

SMM Vasamuseet

Kungliga Djurgårdens Intressenter, KDI AB, coordinates attractions and joint activities on Djurgården. Learn more