Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel's Lovers' Path

A romantic walk along Isbladskärret with beautiful nature

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel’s Lovers’ Path follows the outskirts of Isbladskärret, where you can enjoy interesting and diversifierad nature with wild coniferous forest, beautiful broadleaved forest and giant oak trees. There is also a variety of wild birds in the area.

The Lovers’ Path was inaugurated in 2012 and given to Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel as a wedding gift from WWF. The path is 390 metres long and stretches along the southwestern part of Isbladskärret. There are signposts with information about the wildlife in the area. You can reach Isbladskärret with bus 69 från Sergels Torg. The closest bus stops are Isbladskärret and Edelstams väg.

During the inauguration, Crown Princess Victoria said that the Lovers’ Path is an asset for everyone; everyone is welcome to the Lovers’ Path at Djurgården.


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