There are many amazing restaurants where you can enjoy nice food and drink at Djurgården

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Top chefs are gathering at Djurgården

We proudly present our two Guide Michelin restaurants named Oaxen Krog & Slip and Aira.

Oaxen Krog & Slip has 2 stars and is run by Magnus Ek and Agneta Green, the restaurant is located at Gamla Djurgårdsvarvet and is directly by the water.

Aira opened in March 2020 and already a year later they have managed to earn a Guide Michelin star. The restaurant is run by Tommy Myllymäki together with Svenska Brasserier and is located at Biskopsudden.

Congratulations to both of you!

Try a historic restaurant at Djurgården

We have several historic restaurants at Djurgården. Why not experience a jazz night at Lilla Hasselbacken? Or try some Hasselbacken potatoes at Hasselbacken? Many visitors wouldn’t dream of missing the signature ‘Plank Steak’ at Villa Godthem. The restaurant Ulla Winbladh has held the Bib Gourmand for a record 13 years running.

Why not try a restaurant at a museum?

We are very lucky that many of our museums have their own fantastic restaurants. Award-winning Petter Nilsson runs the restaurant at the Museum of Spirits; Pontus Fritjof has recently opened at the National Museum of Science and Technology; you can find Monika Ahlberg at the Thiel Gallery; and Billy White at Rosendal’s Garden creates his menu from farm to table.

Meal with a view

Wherever you are at Djurgården you will find beautiful spots, but we can recommend a few places with truly amazing views. You can enjoy Pippi’s Pancake cake at Junibacken, with a nice view for both young and old. The Viking Museum – Vikingaliv’s restaurant, Glöd, gives you the chance to combine a historical Viking meal with a view of the harbour at Djurgården. And if you want to look out over the water, Djurgården Bridge and Strandvägen, visit Sjöcaféet.

The glasshouse at POP House and Abba The Museum has been chosen as one of Sweden’s most beautiful glasshouses. The combination of good food and lovely music will have you walking in and dancing out.

Have a Fika at Djurgården

The Swedish fika is famous all over the world (or in Sweden, at least). And there’s plenty of good coffee here.

Each restaurant and café has their own speciality, so feel free to take a look around and try a selection! You’ll find all the information you need below.

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  • Aira
  • Biskopsvägen 9
  • +46 (0)8-480 049 00
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  • Glöd
  • Djurgårdsvägen 48
  • +46 (0)8-558 061 30


  • Glöd
  • Djurgårdsvägen 48
  • +46 (0)8-558 061 30

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