Wärdshuset Ulla Winbladh

Top-quality Swedish food and Swedish culinary culture

Wärdshuset Ulla Winbladh, whose name derives from the muse of Swedish troubadour, Bellman, is well-known for its top-quality Swedish food. Everyone is welcome here – royalty, families with children, and folk just strolling around Djurgården – even dogs can quench their thirst on our outdoor terrace. We offer children’s portions to our youngest guests, at children’s prices, of course.

Coming in is somewhat like coming home. The fundamental idea of an inn is that it provides personal service, every day, all through the year. For better, for worse – we hold weddings and funerals here. We always serve veal on Sundays with cream sauce and homemade jelly, while we celebrate special occasions throughout the year: Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, the start of the crayfish season, St. Martin’s Day and Xmas.

Nils Emil Ahlin, one of Sweden’s most famous and loved innkeepers, took over Ulla Winbladh in 1992 with the ambition to lift everyday fare to unimagined heights. This is exactly what he did, and has subsequently received the King’s Medal for his work to preserve Swedish culinary culture. It is in this culinary tradition and spirit that Ulla Winbladh is still operated, now with chef Rasmus Axelsson and restaurateur Pelle Johansson at the helm.


Rosendalsvägen 8, 115 21 Stockholm

+46 (0)8-534 89 701

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