Royal Djurgården Administration

Preserving and sustainability developing the Royal Djurgården.

The Royal Djurgården Administration (RDA) comes under the Office of the Governor. Royal Djurgården covers almost a fifth of Stockholms´s inner city, and is of great significance to the cityscape. RDA´s operations are self-financing through rental and leasing income. Revenue and expenses should balance in the long term, and any surplus is used solely for the long-term and sustainable development of Royal Djurgården.

The area has been part of the world´s first National City Park since 1995. A great deal of care is required in order to preserve the area´s unique natural value, rich wildlife and cultural buildings.

The King´s commitment within the framework of the royal right of disposal from 1809/10 contributes a sense of continuity towards preserving and sustainability developing the Royal Djurgården.


Stora Skuggans väg 22

Box 27138

102 52 Stockholm

+46(0)8-402 60 00

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