At Djurgården you will always find interesting activities suited to everyone

What do you want to do today? You will always find something to do at Djurgården, the favourite place for the people of Stockholm.

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Whether you are interested in modern technology, 20th century art or Nordic history (maybe Vikings?) there are a lot of exciting activities at Djurgården. The wide range of activities available has made Djurgården Scandinavia’s number one attraction. It’s no wonder so many locals like to spend lots of their free time here! So why not try to live like a local Stockholmare for a day? Welcome to Djurgården!

Djurgården has been a place for recreation and entertainment for several hundred years. Djurgården has been royal ground since the 18th century, and even back then locals went to Djurgården to have a nice time with friends and family. Several of Swedens’ kings and queens used Djurgården as hunting grounds. One of our queens, Queen Kristina, even held lions here! Hence why the area around Nordiska museet is still called Lejonslätten, the Lion plain.

Here at Djurgården you can see for yourself why the locals like it so much. Blend in with the locals who like to run or go hiking in the park, have some laughs at the Gröna Lund amusement park and visit different Nordic animals at Skansen. There is a lot to discover here! Two of Scandinavia’s biggest museums — Skansen and the Vasa museum — can be found here, and Nordiska museet is Sweden’s largest cultural and historical museum.

The artistic Djurgården

For over one hundred years, art has had a natural place at Djurgården. Both the Thiel Gallery and Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde was built in 1905. The art gallery Liljevalchs opened in 1916 and still to this day arranges a juried Spring Salon exhibition.

The musical Djurgården

When you walk past ABBA the Museum they will tell you: Walk in – Dance out. And it’s true! Here you can experience Sweden’s greatest musical export for yourself. But music is to be found all over Djurgården. Skansen arranges Allsång på Skansen, a musical concert where the whole crowd sings together. Gröna Lund hosts over 70 concerts each year, and Cirkus arranges several shows of the highest quality.

Children’s Djurgården

Djurgården is a place for all ages. Junibacken is the local children’s favourite museum. Many families also like to spend a whole day together at either Gröna Lund or Skansen. More outdoor activities can be found at the National Museum of Science and Technology’s mathematical garden, a playground full of fun for everyone – free and open all day. And while you’re in the area, don’t miss out on the Police Museum, the National Sports Museum of Sweden, or perhaps try to live like a sailor at the Maritime Museum. Of course there is also food for everyone at our many restaurants.

Experience Djurgården closely

We have many beautiful natural areas, statues, monuments and amazing wildlife. Did you know that you can find over 800 different flowers and around one hundred species of birds here? The best way to experience Djurgården is on foot or by bike. You can rent a bike and get a map at Royal Djurgården Visitor Center or at Djurgårdsboden, just outside Skansen and Cirkus. Bring your camera as there are many opportunities to capture amazing photos!

We look forward to welcoming you to Djurgården and hope that you will have an amazing experience with us and everything we offer.

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