Estonia Memorial

In memory of the who lost their lives in the Estonia catastrophe

Next to Galärvarvskyrkogården lies the Estonia memorial. The names of 815 of the 852 people who lost their lives when the cruise ship Estonia sank in 1994 are engraved on the monument. The monument itself is made of bright granite and was designed by the Polish sculptor Mirosław Bałka.

The basic mould is a triangle with an entrance from the short side and stairs leading up to Galärvarvskyrkogården. In the middle of the monument stands a tree with an iron ring at the bottom. The coordinates of where the ship sank are written on the ring. The memorial was inaugurated on the third anniversary of the sinking on 28th September 1997, with a speech from the politician Birgitta Dahl.

The number of people who lost their lives are counted on the stone itself along with the line, “Deras namn och deras öde vill vi aldrig glömma”, meaning, “Their names and their fate we never want to forget”.



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