The Viking Museum

Stand face to face with the Vikings

Who were the Vikings? At the Viking Museum you will meet the strong and brave Vikings as we know them from the sagas, but also, the real humans behind the hardcore myth. You will get acquainted with Leifur, a reconstructed Viking age man with exciting stories to tell. Here you’ll also get up close with live Vikings, smell tar, hear clinching swords, the raven’s hungry cry and feel the weight of the axe in your hand. Through historical facts, personal stories and exciting scenery, myth and truth come together, and the Viking age comes alive.

Go on a dramatic journey through Viking age Europe. The adventure begins at Frösala farm where Harald, the master, has lost the family’s fortune by feasting and drinking. Ragnfrid, his noble wife, tells him to go and be a Viking to save both the farm and their glory. If he doesn’t succeed, they might have to marry off Sigrid, their only daughter.

Ragnfrid’s saga is a fictional story ride based on historical characters and events. It takes 11 minutes and is recommended for children aged 7 and up.

The museum runs guided tours every hour every day, in Swedish and English. On weekends and during school holidays the museum offers guided tours for children, themed activities, theatre and fighting shows. The current program and tour schedule can be found at


Båthall 1, Galärparken,
Djurgårdsstrand 15, Stockholm

+46 (0)8-400 229 90

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