Stockholm's richest bird-watching lake

This was initially a bay called “Isbladsviken” (in English: “Ice Sheet Bay”). The name has, however, nothing to do with ice, but is thought to be derived from a hunting lodge known as “Isbla”, which once lay here.

When the Royal Djurgården Administration stopped pumping the marsh in the 1980s, Isbladskärret developed into an excellent bird-watching lake where the mute swan, gadwall, tufted duck, geese, peewit and heron, among other species, can be found. The noteworthy heron colony was established here in 1989, after previously breeding in Skansen.

A small herd of Scottish highland cattle graze close to Isbladskärret to keep plant growth under control, and ensure that the conditions required for a fine bird-watching lake are maintained.


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