Gustaf Fröding's Statue

Made by Erik Rafael-Rådberg in 1921.

The sculpture of Gustav Fröding is located by Djurgårdsbron. The poet Fröding is gazing towards his last home, Villa Gröndal, where he was cared for in the beginning of the 1900s for his mental illness.

Fröding lived in the house together with this caretaker and partner, Signe Trotzig, until his death on 8th February 1911. In 1948 Villa Gröndal was bought by the industrialist Erland Waldenström, who renovated the building and saved it from decay. Villa Gröndal was originally the residence for one of the huntsmen who assisted with the royal hunts on Djurgården.

Around the statue and Villa Gröndal there is a abundance of bird life. The lawn is inhabited by geese, and during the night tawny owls can be heard.


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