Equestrian statue of Charles X Gustav

In memory of the Treaty of Roskilde

In front of the entrance to Nordiska museet stands an equestrian statue of Karl X Gustav, King of Sweden between 1654 and 1660. It is one of ten classical equestrian statues in Sweden. Karl X Gustav is mostly famous for the March across the Belts as well as the Treaty of Roskilde which ended the Second Northern War between Sweden and Denmark-Norway.

The statue was given as a gift to Nordiska museet by the Karl X Gustav association and was inaugurated on the Swedish Flag Day on 6th June 1917. The statue was designed by Gustaf Malmquist and is cast in bronze. It stands on a granite pedestal made by Isac Gustaf Clason, the architect who designed Nordiska museet. Written on the pedestal is the monogram for King Karl X Gustav, his reign 1654-1660 as well as the words Freden i Roskilde 1658 (Treaty of Roskilde). Some of his battles and victories are written around the pedestal.

If you are interested in equestrian statues, there is another one nearby, of King Karl XV of Sweden, just 200 metres further along Djurgårdsvägen.

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