Freedom Gate

An Estonian monument dedicated to freedom

At Manilla holme, just by the water, you can find a monument, eight metres high, in grey granite. The Freedom Gate monument was erected in 1994 as an expression of gratitude to the Swedish people, since it had been 50 years since tens of thousands of Estonians fled the war over the Baltic Sea to Sweden. The raising of the monument was made possible by donations from over 3600 Estonians and several organisations.

Freedom Gate is both an expression of gratitude and a remembrance to future generations. His Majesty, Carl XVI Gustaf, the King of Sweden held a speech in which he said, “Let the Freedom Gate commemorate the brave fight of Estonian people for the democracy and justice and let the monument symbolise close relations between our nations“.

On both sides of the monument there is an engraved text in both Estonian and Swedish which reads:

The Freedom Gate
Estonians’ and Estonian Swedes’ Gratitude to the People of Sweden Anno 1994

We came in small boats over the sea to escape from terror and dictatorship. Thirty thousand men, woman and children reached the shore, among them workers, fishermen, farmers, intellectuals.
We received a warm welcome, we were able to find work and to safely establish homes and families. We did never forget the country from which we were forced to leave and we strove for its freedom. 

Let the Freedom Gate testify to the humanity and tolerance of the Swedish people towards those who were looking for at shelter in evil times and let it commemorate a tiny nation who found here a new home for itself. 

Estonians and Estonian Swedes in Sweden

Visit the monument and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

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