A taste of Christmas at Royal Djurgården

A taste of Christmas at Royal Djurgården


Our best Christmas buffet tips 2021  

At Royal Djurgården, Christmas is always close to the heart, which means we turn our island into real Christmas paradise. Food and drinks are a huge part of the Christmas celebration and we are getting ready to offer all our visitors a proper Christmas buffet experience.

In Sweden we love our Christmas buffet – or “Julbord” as we call it. A Julbord is filled with an abundance of all the food we love and we serve it as a “Smörgårdsbord” – simply a buffet.  Common courses on the Christmas buffet is herring, meatballs, Jansson’s temptation and Christmas ham. Today vegetarian dishes have made their way up on the Julbord side by side with the more traditional. 

Here are our best Christmas buffets tips! 


At Hasselbacken’s neo-traditional Christmas buffet there is something for everyone, young and old. They offer all the classics of Christmas, their popular twist on the Hasselback potatoes and a dignified dessert table that satisfies both gastronomy and gourmand. The Christmas buffet also offers delicious vegetarian options and surprises for all senses. 

Date: from December 2, to Christmas Eve.  


A wonderful Christmas buffet experience in a playful environment with a view over Ladugårdviken. Before you get a taste of the delicious Christmas buffet, you can mingle with friends, meet people at Sagotorget or take a ride in Sagotåget and listen to Astrid Lindgren’s stories to put you in a cozy mood.

Astrid Lindgren’s excellence as a writer is known the world over. No Swedish author has been translated into as many languages, and many of us know and love her most famous character Pippi Longstocking.

Oaxen Slip 

Oaxen Slip has a fantastic Christmas menu which is cooked with with Nordic commodities from local producers. This year a Classic December Menu is also offered with Oaxen classics such as steak tartar, grilled char and almond cake.  

The National Museum of Technology (Tekniska museet) and Tekniska by Pontus 

A Christmas buffet which gets served in four rounds at the table in the National Museum of Technology’s KRAV-certified restaurant. They serve classic Christmas food with a small twist, as well as modern vegetarian courses. You can choose between three package deals: a base package and two exclusive packages where you can experience even more of the museum’s exhibitions.  

Date: 29/11 – 17/12 

Ulla Winbladh 

Here it is Christmas Eve every day of the week and the atmosphere is characterized by a fragrant spruce, strengthened linen napkins and a thousand Christmas lights. A traditional Christmas buffet, but at the same time a brilliant Christmas buffet for vegans! Ulla Winbladh has expanded the range with more vegetarian and vegan dishes. 

Date: 18/11 – 23/12 


Tyrol is one of Sweden’s largest Christmas buffets. The Christmas table originates from the nature of Lapland. They serve wild delights mixed with Christmas food made from Vilhelmina ingredients from which Tyrol suppliers come. Char from Lake Magoma, cloudberries Almost lake ants and reindeer from local Sami villages are usually popular on the Christmas table. 

Would you rather enjoy all this food at home? Tyrol continues last year’s success Tyrol’s Wild Christmas Box. You can pick up your Wild Christmas Box or have it delivered home to avoid the stress of Christmas and let Tyrol’s amazing chefs do the work for you.    

Date: 22/11 – 26/12 

Villa Godthem 

A classic Christmas buffet enjoyed in the old and beautiful Schwieser-style wholesaler villa from the 18th century. Inside Villa Godthem, the fire burns, the smell of mulled wine spreads and a classic Swedish Christmas buffet is served. The food served is carefully prepared according to classic recipes and traditional commodities. 

Date: 25/11 – 26/12  


Christmas is the most beloved holiday at Spritmuseum (the Museum of Spirits). They season the schnapps and pick out what they pickled and juiced from the summer harvest. They offer a classic Christmas buffet experience where they put the nub, herring and pig on the table. All ingredients come from their own garden or local producers. For those who are not in the mood for the nub or Christmas ham, non-alcoholic beverages and vegetarian dishes are available. At the Museum of Spirits they love snaps songs so at your table you will find a booklet with both classic and new snaps songs. 

Date: Starts 19/11, served between Wednesday and Saturday. 

Rosendals Trädgård

Have Christmas lunch or dinner in Rosendals Trädgårds’s Christmas decorated greenhouse where the tabels are set with fine porcelain’s and lanters light up. This years’s Christmas menu features classic dishes combined with new star dishes, all which are inspired by winter flavours. Alla dishes are prepared using seasonal biodynamic and organic ingredients from their own graden, small-scale producers or KRAV farms.

If you would rather stay at home or suprise loved ones with a nice gift, you can order Rosendals Trädgård’s Christmas box. In the Christmas box there are a lots of delicacies like Rosendals’s classic Christmas mustard, saffron crusts and blackcurrant mulled wine.

Date: 12/11 – 22/12

Photo: Claes Helander from Tyrol

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