Give Away a Year of Experiences

Give Away a Year of Experiences


A Christmas gift that is suitable for both young and old is a gift card or an annual pass to one of Djurgården’s many attractions and restaurants. 

How about giving away an entire summer of fun at Gröna Lund? Have endless visits at Thiel Gallery? Or why not experience a whole world of game-, robot- and space adventures at Tekniska museet. The options are endless!

Additionally, many of the gift cards and annual passes also comes with benefits, discounts, and offers in addition to the entrances. Down Below we have compiled a list of tips on annual passes and gift cards, and links to said annual passes and gift cards.

Annual passes of 2022

Gröna Lund 

Give away an unforgettable experience of free rides and concerts all summer long. Follow the link here! 


At Junibacken, children and adults get the chance to experience a magical world through theater, song, music and a huge dose of imagination. Follow the link here!

The Police Museum 

The Police Museum is suitable for both young and old, here you can learn about criminal history, the police profession, and test your detective skills. 

An annual pass costs 200 SEK. The card is bought in-store. For The Police Museum website follow the link here!

Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde 

Enjoy art in a unique environment at Waldemarsudde. Experience prince Eugen’s old home as well as his beautiful paintings. Follow the link here! 


Interested in animals? Then this is the annual pass for you! Have unlimited visits to monkeys, fishes, crocodiles and much more at Skansen–Aquarium.

An annual pass costs 365 SEK for adults and 180 SEK for children (4-15 y/o). The card is bought in-store. To get to the Skansen-Aquarium website follow the link here!


Skansen’s annual pass is a gift that fits everbody, no matter your age or interest. Follow the link here! 


Spritmuseum’s annual pass is very profitable, in addition to free admission, you also get a 10% discount on items in the store and a 50% discount on the entrance price for an accompanying guest.

An annual pass costs 250 SEK and the card is bought in-store. For Spritmuseum website follow the link here! !

Tekniska Museet

An annual pass at Tekniska provides free access to all exhibitions, and also a discount in both the gift shop and the restaurant. Follow the link here! 

The Viking Museum

Experience the Viking age through an interactive experience for the whole family at the Viking Museum. Follow the link here! 

Thiels Gallery

View and admire all of Thiels Gallery’s paintings and exhibitions with an annual pass! 

An annual pass costs 360 SEK and the card can be bought in-store and on their online store (which is only in swedish). For Thiels Gallery website follow the link here!

The Vasa Museum

Interested in history? Then this is the pass for you! In addition to free admission to the museum, you will learn more about the ship Vasa. Follow the link here!  

Gift cards of 2022


Give away a gastronomic experience at Biskoppsudden. Follow the link here! 

Café Monika Ahlberg

Give away a wonderful fika or lunch at Café Monika Ahlberg. Here you can taste delicous home-baked pastries, sandwiches and dishes prepared from scratch. Hungry yet? Follow the link here! 

Rosendals Garden

With this gift card you can get a good lunch or fika in the Garden Café, buy vegetable or plants in Plantboden. The gift card has a fixed price of 250 SEK. Follow the link here! 


Four offers in one. The Spritmuseum’s gift card serves as an entrance to the museum. Follow the link here! 

Strömma Kanalbolag 

Choose between tours and food cruises, day trips or sightseeing either by bus or boat. Follow the link here! 

Oaxen Krog och Slip

Give away a world-class dining experience at Oaxen! The gift card can be used at both Oaxen Krog and Oaxen Slip or on the hotel ship Prince Van Orangiën. Follow the link here! 

Villa Godthem

Give away a food adventure at Villa Godthem as a gift. The gift card is valid at all Brasseriegruppen’s restaurants and bars. Follow the link here! 

Wärdshuset Ulla Winbladh 

Give away an equally tasty gift as an appreciated gesture, you choose the amount you want to give away. Follow the link here! 

The card can be bought in-store and on their online store (which is only in swedish). For Wärdshuset Ulla Winbladh website follow the link here!

The annual card is generally valid from the first visit, and lasts for up to one year. Now you just have to choose – one or several? 

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