Enjoy art at Royal Djurgården this summer

Enjoy art at Royal Djurgården this summer


Summer is here and at Djurgården there are several art exhibitions to enjoy. There is plenty to experience so whether you want to spend one or two days you can create your own art tour at Djurgården with some recommendations from us – som you can enjoy art at Royal Djurgården this summer.

Djurgården offers everything from Anders Petersens photography at Liljevalchs to magnificent paintings from the 20th century at the Thiel Gallery and Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde. And don’t miss all the beautiful monuments here at Djurgården!

Take a walk, or why no explore Djurgården on bike? There is much to see along the way as well. For example several monuments and memorials. The latest is Ripples, a memorial after the Tsunami catastrophe of 2004. Our proposition for a art tour at Djurgården is that you start at the Thiel Gallery which you’ll find furthest out on Djurgården and then start to head back towards the Djurgården Bridge. Along the way visit Waldemarsudde, then Liljevalchs, afterwards the Museum of Spirits which lies almost next door before you finish the tour at the Nordic Museum.

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