Experience Autumn at Djurgården

Experience Autumn at Djurgården


We love autumn almost as much as summer. The leaves change color and soon Djurgården will be a fantastic coloroful island with a lot of activities for both young and old. Maybe you’re craving a little BBQ? Why not experience Halloween at Gröna Lund? Or learn about a new culture?

There’s a wide range of different activities, so grab your pen and notepad, because here are some of our best tips on what to do this fall 2021!

Ghosts, demons, and witches! 

Usually lurking in the dark autumn brings forward the nasties of creatures. For the fourth year Gröna Lund open its doors to Halloween. This time they offer terrifying monsters, five haunted houses and a horror parade that will make the bravest run for their life. For those who are not very fond of the horror genre, you can always stay in the small area. Filled with pumpkins and kind witches, it’s a perfect place for all families. It is nothing less than an autumn paradise!

A stone’s throw away from Gröna Lund is The Viking museum. Here you can experience autumn in vikingstyle. Tag along and join them on a guided tour where they discuss death and life after this.

For more than 30 years, the Mexican holiday, Día de Muertos – Day of the Dead – has been celebrated at the Museum of Ethnographic. The Holiday focus on honoring the memory of the dead. The weekend of November 6-7 The Museum of Ethnographic celebrates Die de Muertos with a craft market, home alters called ofrendas, dance and music performance with the folk-group Mexico Lindo and Mariachio Orchestra Fiesta Mexico.

For the family who prefers to sit in front of the fire, cuddle and grill sausages, we have the perfect autumn holiday activity for you!

Skansen has autumn activities for the whole family. They offer everything from BBQ to witch broom flying. Maybe Grandma wants to help with the quiz round? Or do mom and dad want to play old games from the past? You can always challenge the family to bowling at Kägelbanan by Gubbhyllan. Skansen has a large selection of activities for those who can’t decide.

At Junibacken you exchange the autumn holiday with a reading holiday. They have a lot of activities planned. For example, their bookstore has selected the best ghost stories for children and their parents. Here are both friendly ghost stories as well as real nail-biters. Additionally, they are opening the very special nightmare room and it’s not as scary as it sounds. Here children can write down or draw their nightmares and then leave it in the nightmare box. In the room you can also listen to other kids’ nightmares and fantasies about horrific stuff.

If none of the above attracts, why not take a walk around Djurgården? Look at the leaves that have changed color and go into one of the many cafes. Under EAT you will find several options.

There is an incredibly wide range of activities here at Djurgården and we have only mentioned a few. Open our calendar or take a look further down to take part in all the fun that is happening this autumn!





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