Hoopoe spotted at Royal Djurgården!

Hoopoe spotted at Royal Djurgården!


Birdwatchers rejoice! A rare and incredible hoopoe bird was spotted right here at Royal Djurgården, which gave us at least something to feel positive about at the start of 2021!

Hoopoes are colourful birds found across Europe, Africa and Asia, renowned for their distinctive feather ‘crown’.⁠

They aren’t usually found around here, though, with birdwatchers including Thomas Strid struggling to recall the last time a hoopoe was seen in Stockholm in the winter, let alone here at Royal Djurgården!

He also says that there’s a chance we’ll spot one at Djurgården in the future, as they are likely drawn to Djurgården’s oak woodlands and open fields.

This hoopoe was spotted outside the Police Museum, and we hope it comes to visit us again.

Photo credit: Stefan Oscarsson

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