David Shrigley, presents new show at Spritmuseum this autumn!

David Shrigley, presents new show at Spritmuseum this autumn!



One of Great Britain’s most renowned artists, David Shrigley, presents new show at Spritmuseum in Sweden this autumn. His Exhibition of Giant Inflatable Swan-things will be an installation created exclusively for the museum gallery, opening on 27 September. Nothing is quite as it seems in Shrigley’s universe. The laws of physics are suspended and the everyday world is distorted, revealing a rare and mordant sense of humour. Welcome down the rabbit-hole!

“We have been eager to host an exhibition by David ever since Spritmuseum opened in 2012,” says Mia Sundberg, curator of the museum’s collection. “I’m especially pleased that we are presenting a new three-dimensional installation. We don’t want to reveal too much, but the title of the show provides a pretty good hint.”

Simple pen and ink drawings with handwritten slogans and puns and a visual idiom reminiscent of comic books and caricatures form the foundation of David Shrigley’s art. He also works in sculpture, large installations, animation, painting, photography and music. With conceptual obstinacy and a satirical undertone, Shrigley addresses themes that mirror everyday life and the ordinary elements of human behaviour, from shopping lists to snippets of overheard conversations. It is inexplicably, madly funny.

The exhibition will take place between 27 September to 31 March 2019.

For more information about David Shrigley´s exhibition at Spritmuseum click here!

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