Traffic Information – Stockholm Marathon 2021

Traffic Information – Stockholm Marathon 2021


This Year ASICS Stockholm Marathon decided to host their annually marathon on 9th of October because of the pandemic. The restrictions has disappeared and we can look forward to an event with both spectators on the street and runners who have been practicing for months.

Djurgården is always open for the public and especially when there is a folk festival in town. This is a day you won’t want to miss! Therefore, we have compiled a list of different traffic information and how to best travel to Djurgården on a day like this.

The start is situated right outside the red-brick 1912 Olympic Stadium on wide Lidingövägen. The runners runs through the scenic Djurgården via Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen Manillavägen- Djurgårdsvägen to Strandvägen, Blasieholmen and then via Gamla Stan to Slussen.


You will find the hotspots right before and after Djurgårdsbron, by The ABBA Museum/Gröna Lund, Djurgårdsvarvet and by The National Maratime Museum. Here you can stand and cheer on your loved ones who participate in the race!

The Course Map – Hotspots, entertainment, and energy stations 

Read more about the course map here!

Traffic Information

On the day of the event on October 9, we recommend that you leave the car at home and choose public transport or  perhaps walk or bike if it’s possible. There are lots of alternatives to get to Djurgården!

Fancy a ride around the ferry?

Djurgårdsfärjan, SL’s ferry line 82. Djurgårdsfärjan runs between Räntmästartrappan/Slussen and Allmänna gränd/Djurgården, Skeppsholmen. You can bring a bicycle on the boat if it is enough space for it.

Sjövägen, SL’s ferry line 80. Takes the route Nybroplan – Allmänna gränd/Djurgården – Saltsjöqvarn – Finnboda hamn – Kvarnholmen – Blockhusudden – Nacka strand- Blockhusudden – Lidingö/Dalénum – Frihamnen – Allmänna gränd/Djurgården.

M / S Emelie takes the route Hammarby sjöstad – Masthamnen – Djurgården – Nybroplan.

Why not take the metro?

Of course, the metro runs as usual, so why not take the red line to Karlaplan or Östermalmstorg and walk the last bit to Djurgården.

How to walk from Östermalmstorg: From Östermalmstorg, go up the stairs that leads to Birger Jarlsgatan. Follow the road down to Berzelii Parken and then follow Strandvägen all the way to Djurgårdsbron. The walk takes about 20 minutes at a normal walking pace. You will be there in no time!

How to walk from Karlaplan: From Karlaplan, go up the stairs that leads to the Karlaplan roundabout. Then follow Narvavägen straight down to Djurgårdsbron.  The walk takes about 15 minutes at a normal walking pace. Simple and easy to follow!

Once you’ve reached Djurgårdsbron, you can always continue walking along Strandvägen to Dag Hammarskjölds Väg. It is a 20-minute walk that leads directly to Museiparken (Museum park) outside Tekniska museet, or a 5-minute bike ride if you choose to rent a bike from the Royal Djurgården Visitor Center. The visitor center is to the right, right after Djurgårdsbron.

Djurgårdsbron – temporarly closed for car traffic 

Djurgårdsbron closed to car traffic but you as a pedestrian are free to pass. The Djurgårdsbron will be opened at 14:45. Some car traffic can take place over the Djurgårdsbron by prior agreement.

Tram Line 7 Djurgårdslinjen 

• 09.46, the last tram leaves from the central station towards Kungsträdgården.
• At 18.57, tram traffic will resume from the central station towards Djurgården according to the normal timetable.

Buss Traffic 

• In Stockholm City, there will be major restrictions on bus traffic during the Marathon. Some bus stops are removed for the day or moved to a different loaction.
• Information is set up at the relevant bus stops.
• For further information, please refer to SL, telephone +46(08)-600 10 00.

Do you want to read more about the traffic situation or Stockholm Marathon 2021? Go to the Stockholm Marathon’s website to read more about it.

Kungliga Djurgårdens Intressenter, KDI AB, coordinates attractions and joint activities on Djurgården. Learn more