Celebrate Halloween at Djurgården

Celebrate Halloween at Djurgården


Celebrate Halloween at Djurgården

Soon it’s time for that special time of the year when the days are getting colder and darker, the trees are showing magnificent colors and you’ll want to prepare for the winter by enjoying some time off with friends or family. Why not celebrate Halloween at Djurgården? We offer scary zombie zones, music with Astrid Lindgren, beautiful photography and much more! Read more below to find out about how you can celebrate Halloween at Djurgården!

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These are our best recommendations for Halloween

Spooky and scary Halloween at Gröna Lund

Gröna Lund promises that Halloween 2018 will be longer, bigger and more scary then ever before! Do you dare to come aboard the frightening new attraction Ghost Ship? At Stora Området (large area), brave souls can visit four haunterd houses, where the House of Nightmares has new frights, “Blå Tåget” (the blue train) is spiced up with live ghosts, “Lustiga Huset” (fun house) is transformed into “Olustiga Huset” (not-so-fun house), and the brand new Motel Hell/o haunted house welcomes only the most fearless. This is a new level of fright, so be careful!

You can celebrate in a less scary way at Lilla Området (small area) where you can hang out with witches, take a ride at the Spider Bug-ride or visit Lilla Scenen (little stage) to watch a magical show for children. Take a stroll in a cosy setting which brings the thoughts to a traditional autumn fair. Or enter a haunted house where all children will feel brave. These are only some of the experiences you can find during Halloween at Lilla Området, the part of Gröna Lund with fun and without evil spirits.

When: October 19th – November 4th
You can read more about Halloween at Gröna Lund here.

Reading break at Junibacken

There will be several fun activities at Junibacken during Halloween for those who aren’t to fond of scary things. You can experience Tommy and Annika’s first meeting with Pippi Longstocking in the play Pippi flyttar in (Pippi moves in) which will be played every day during the autumn break.

Children’s author Barbro Lindgren’s whimsical characters come to life at Junibacken. Meet the Wild Baby, Sam and Loranga in their own storybook world. Play, listen and watch – then continue the adventure at home with the beloved books! And afterwards, don’t miss the beloved story train to see Astrid Lindgrens creations in an exciting way.

When: October 30th – November 4th kl. 10-17

Experience hauntingly beautiful art at Waldemarsudde

Helene Schmitz is one of Sweden’s most successful art photographers. In numerous projects she explores the relationship between man and nature. Her works often portray states of imbalance, or out-of-control situations. The exhibition Thinking Like a Mountain  presents a series of recent works on the theme of exploiting natural resources in Sweden and Iceland. The photographs are often at once both beautiful and menacing. Thinking Like a Mountain  can be seen as a meditation on man’s relation to nature – a global, highly industrialised and automated transformation of landscapes.

When: October 6th – February 17th 2019

You can read more about the current exhibitions here

Listen to spooky tales in the cottages, take part in craft activities and discover a Skansen where history comes to life!

The autumn gloom descends over Skansen, and uneasy whispers spread through the Old Town Quarter. What terrible disease has gripped the town, and how can the townsfolk protect themselves? Should they go to the pharmacists, with their pills and ointments, or is it better to listen to the Wise Ones and make protective amulets? Strange beings move around the houses and farmsteads. Who is sighing and moaning in the churchyard? Do you dare to visit the Wise Ones at Bollnäs House and the stern sexton at Seglora Church?

There will be all manner of exciting activities at Skansen during the autumn holidays. Listen to spooky tales in the cottages, take part in craft activities and meet the inhabitants of the disease-stricken town. Discover a Skansen where history comes to life!

When: October 27th – November 4th 10 AM – 4 PM
Children up to 15 years old free admission.

Read more about the celebration here

Enter the world of computer games and technical innovation

The National Museum of Science and Technology offers many exciting exhibitions for curious minds. Experience the way of mining then and now in the newly renovated Mine or try an entire floor of gaming fun at Play beyond Play where you can get real nostalgic with old school games as well as step into new modern games such as VR-games. The game exhibition is an immersive experience on 1000 square meters.

When: 10 am – 5pm every day, Wednesdays open until 8 pm

You can find out more about the exhibitions here.


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