Alice Aycock at Royal Djurgården

Alice Aycock at Royal Djurgården


We feel both privileged and excited to be hosting an outdoor sculpture exhibition here on Royal Djurgården.

Alice Aycock’s ‘Turbulences’ series features sculptures inspired by extreme weather conditions, some of which have been previously shown along Park Avenue in New York. The exhibition is the first to be arranged by the Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation, and it is Alice Aycock’s first solo exhibition in Scandinavia!⁠

The exhibition is being held at Djurgårdsbrunn Bay near the Folke Bernadottes bridge, from 7th June to 27th September. You can read more about the exhibition and the artist here. You can even listen to Alice Aycock talking about the sculptures with these online audioguides.

A big thank you to Princess Estelle’s Cultural Foundation, which, through this wonderful exhibition, offers a large number of large, green, beautiful and open sights at Djurgården this summer.

Art <3 Djurgården

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