Troubled Waters by Pierre et Gilles

For the first time, French artistic duo Pierre et Gilles are exhibiting in Sweden. Their show “Troubled Waters” opens on 9 February.

For “Troubled Waters”, the artists have seized upon the old harbour setting around The Museum of Spirits. The romantic image of the sea, the harbour and the sailing life are contrasted with the overexploitation of our era, which threatens to exterminate all marine life.

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Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Skansen

Enjoy the unique view of Stockholm and all the fireworks as we welcome the new year together with Jill Jonsson and Alexander Letic where there will be music, celebrations and a traditional poem recital.

The artists who will be performing are Lova, Isabella Lundgren and Niklas Gabrielsson Lind, Lena Philipsson, Tusse, Ludwig Hart and Johan Ståhl. New Years concert will be held in Seglora Church, 22.00, and the live broadcast from the Solliden stage by Swedish Television, from 23.00.


Read more about prices and additional information about Skansen’s New Year’s Eve celebration here.

Christmas Holidays at Nordiska Museet

The long-awaited Christmas holiday is coming, and it is a perfect time to visit Royal Djurgården and Nordiska Museet.
How about solving quests and mysteries, or travel back in time?
This and more you can do during the Christmas holidays at Nordiska Museet,  from 23 December – 9 January.

The Time Vault

All days 10.00–17.00. Requires pre-purchased tickets

At the bottom of the museum’s basement vault is a magical place – the Time Vault. Through a secret portal, you step straight into the children’s own story! Here you can experience what your everyday life would have been like if you had been a child at another time. What had you done in those days? How had it been at home? What clothes would you have had and what would you have eaten for dinner? Travel between the 1870s and today. To visit Tidsvalvet, you pre-buy a ticket for a time pass with a limited number of seats.

Family showings

27–30 December and 2–9 January at 11.00 and 14.00.

Was there glass in the 18th century? What did you eat when there was a party in the 16th century? Who knows, maybe there will be a food tasting for the brave one? Join us on a food history journey among roasted swans and candied violets in the exhibitionTable Settings.

NOTE! Limited number of seats. Pick up your seat ticket at the information desk in the museum, no pre-booking.


24 December – 9 January 11.00–15.00. Requires pre-purchased ticket.

Lekstugan it’s the year 1890s on a farm in the countryside.
Dress like a maid or a farm boy and play your way through all the chores of a farm. Suitable for children over 5 years old in the company of an adult.

Before your visit, you pre-purchase a ticket for a time pass with a specific start time. Limited number of seats.

Family tracks – solve missions and mysteries

Every day 10.00–17.00. Solve assignments together in the exhibitions and corners in the Nordic Museum’s exciting building.
Suitable for children over 5 year in the company of an adult.
Included in the entrance.

Read more about Christmas at Nordiska Museet and pre-purchase your tickets here.



Christmas Holidays at Sjöhistoriska Museet

A thousand years ago, the northerners were great explorers at sea. With their ships, they explored unknown waters. Their trade journeys took them all over Europe and further. Most of their boats were quite small, but very tough.
They withstood severe weather and sailed well.

Come to The maritime Museum during the Christmas holidays and learn more about the Viking Age journeys and about the Nordic ancient shipbuilding!

Opening times

Tuesday 28 December – Thursday 30 December

After New Years
Sunday 2 January – Sunday 9 January

The museum is also open for Christmas holiday activities on Monday 3 January 2022.

Read more about Christmas activities at the Maritime Museum here.

The Christmas atmosphere at Junibacken

In Junibacken’s pavilion there is a large Christmas tree that lacks Christmas decorations. This needs to change. Help Junibacken decorate it! Along with decorating it, you can also share your best book tips by hanging up a note with the title of your favorite book. The Pavilion also has materials for you to create your own Christmas tree decorations to either take home or hang on the Christmas tree.

Junibacken also holds a Christmas gift fundraiser. In Stockholm, hundreds of children live in poverty which becomes even more clear during the holidays. Make Christmas a little warmer and fill the Christmas trees with gifts! The Christmas presents are then donated to Stockholm City Mission, who will give them to people in need. For every gift received, Junibacken donates an entrance ticket that is passed on to the children and adults who do not have the opportunity to visit the museum in any other way.

To participate, wrap something new or unused. Write a note on the gift describing the contents and for which age it is suitable for. Submit the present to Junibacken no later than December 19.


Read more about additional information for visiting Junibacken at their website here.

Music at Udden

Exciting music and text reading with prominent musicians and actors in interaction with art.

Musicians: Gothenburg Combo
Music by: Gothenburg Combo

Recitation: Elin Klinga

Texts by: Gunnar D Hansson och Majgull Axelsson

The program series is a collaboration between Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde, violinist Anders Lagerqvist and the Royal College of Music / Edsberg.


Read more about additional information at Waldemarsudde’s website here.

A Room of One’s Own – The studio as a workshop and manifesto

Curator and exhibition curator Carina Rech holds a special guided tour on the studio’s multifaceted dimensions of meaning. During the late 19th century, the studio, which had long been a mythical place, gained renewed relevance in the visual arts as a place for artistic self-stagings in the borderland between private and public life. In the works of female artists, the studio appears as “a room of one’s own” – a place for self-fulfilment and personal liberation. Depicting themselves in the studio was like manifesting themselves in their professional role of profession.

In this special guided tour, we take a closer look at how the Nordic painters Hanna Hirsch-Pauli, Asta Nørregaard, Anna Nordlander, Jenny Nyström, Emma Löwstädt-Chadwick, Christian Krohg, and Anders Zorn staged their studio rooms in painting and what image of the artist’s role they wanted to convey through their work.

Read more about Waldemarsudde’s exhibitions at their website here.

Christmas at Spritmuseum

At the Museum of Spirits, Christmas is one of their most cherished holidays. This is when their museum shines the brightest. They start seasoning the snaps, bringing out jars and jars of produce they have been pickling and preserving from the summer’s crop, decorating the house, and planning how they can offer their guests the ultimate holiday experience.

When you choose to spend part of your holiday with them, Spritmuseum wants to ensure a special menu that has been planned and perfected for quite a while. The classic dishes and flavors of the season are kept intact, of course the pickled herring and “nubbe”, salmon, pork and Jansson are all found on the menu. Their version of them. All the produce they use are locally sourced from nearby wholesalers, the surrounding forests or their own backyard.

They also offer a vegetarian menu and non-alcoholic beverage package. Everything is paired perfectly. The museum has chosen to remove the buffet and serve you at your table instead.

In correlation with their new exhibition Wine, they have put together a beverage package with a clear focus on Swedish craft beverages. Enjoy Swedish wine and cider, the museum’s homemade Christmas beer and home-spiced snaps.

You will also be able to find pamphlets on the table with snaps-songs, both classical and new.


Read more about Christmas at Spritmuseum here and look at the menu here.

The Thiel Gallery’s Christmas

Welcome to the Christmas atmosphere at the Thiel Gallery!

In their museum shop there are several options for Christmas presents and going-away gifts in preparation for the coming weekends: The beautiful anthology about the Thiel Gallery (Langenskiölds publishing house), fragrant soaps, umbrellas with design by the artist Karin Larsson, notebooks, fridge magnets and trays with motifs from the collections, Carl Johan De Geer’s hand-printed textiles, pillowcases, and toiletries. In the shop you will also find several of the author Hjalmar Söderberg’s beloved novels and short stories. Hjalmar Söderberg was Ernest Thiel’s most loyal friend and lived periodically at the Thiel Gallery.

Café Monika Dahlberg has set the tables with homemade marmalades, Christmas mustard, Christmas treats, oils, and pickles. There is a special offer price on the recipe book Monikas Jul with “all the recipes you will need for Christmas”. The restaurant will be serving Christmas plates for both big and small as well as coffee and homemade pastries.

You can also go on a guided tour! You will be able to learn more about Ernest and Signe Thiel’s fascinating lives and about their brilliant art collection with world class Nordic art: Carl Larsson, Anders Zorn, Bruno Liljefors, and Edvard Munch. The art is displayed in preserved interior from the turn of the century 1900. In the guided tour you will especially see paintings with winter motifs.

Also, make sure not to miss out on the Friends Association’s lottery. The prize is a basket full of delicacies with products from the museum shop’s and café’s range.


Read more about the opening hours and admission fees at the Thiel Gallery here.

Karin Alfredsson in the film room in Liljevalchs+

Inspired by untouched nature, photographer Karin Alfredsson now shohs her latest work “Norther Arctic Ocean” in Liljevalchs+. We get to follow the icebreaker Oden (Odin) who is on the lookout for climate change, Karin is on the journey as a field assistant. With her camera at the ready she follows the ship’s invisible movement forward through the icy waters.

It roars, it cracks, the flakes split, all while nature – the seemingly infinite – changes its light. It is beautiful and melancholy at the same time.

The Arctic Ocean touches our own smallness in the face of nature’s might. The film is 20 minutes long and congenially sounded by composer Sebastian Öberg, former member of the Pork Quartet.

Opening hours & entrance fees

See further information about opening hours and entrance fees on Liljevalchs.

Christmas concert at Waldemarsudde

Exciting music and text reading with prominent musicians and actors in interaction with the art.

Participating musicians:

David Wärn (piano)
Mika Takehara (vibraphone)
Anders Lagerqvist (violin)
Per Öman (violin)

Recitation: Irene Lindh

Music by: Franz Liszt, Claude Debussy, Philip Glass and György Kurtag

Texts by: Louise Glück, Tomas Tranströmer and Viktor Rydberg

Buy your ticket right now here. Read more about Waldemarsudde and their exhibitions here.

SOLD OUT! Flowers of Christmas

Gardener Marina Rydberg and florist Kristina Öhman talk about Waldemarsudde’s traditions around Christmas flowers and show examples of beautiful arrangements. A golden opportunity to get inspired and buy Christmas flowers such as amaryllis, hyacinths, and wreaths.

Read more about Waldemarsudde and additional information here.

SOLD OUT! Workshop: Make your own Christmas wreath

Florist Kristina Öhman shares her experiences and gives practical advice and tips on making beautiful and decorative wreaths for Christmas.

Price 650 SEK including material to a wreath as well as mulled wine/coffee and saffron buns. Last day to sign up is November 16. The workshop is at Café Ektorpet.

Buy your ticket here and get more information about Waldemarsudde here.

Re:make café: Slow fashion

At November 24, Johanna Leymann will be holding a lecture and guided tour of the exhibition Human/Nature at the Museum of Ethnography. Johanna is a lecturer, author, and opinion-former in sustainable fashion with over 15 years of experience on the topic as well as written the book Slow fashion, runs the Instagram account and the podcast Slowfashionpodden. She was named Sweden’s second hand-account 2019.

Slow fashion contrasts to today’s fast shopping fashion and instead values reflection, personal style, and quality. The evening will start with a guided tour of the exhibition Human/Nature with Johanna and the Museum of World Culture’s Jon Johansson, developer of lifelong learning and textile craftsman. After that, Johanna will be holding her lecture which will not only give you knowledge about the fashion industry’s climate and sustainability issues, but also concrete tips and tools on how you can change your everyday fashion to being more sustainable. A lot of inspiration is promised and Johanna guarantees that you will leave the lecture feeling more excited, hopeful and motivated!

Pre-purchase your ticket right now for Johanna Leymann’s Re:make café: Slow fashion, here.

SOLD OUT: Workshop Christmas handicraft

The Museum of Ethnography welcomes you to a Christmas inspired day of testing straw handicraft!

In this workshop you get to create different kinds of Christmas decorations out of straw. You also get to know more about the history of straw handicraft as well as exploring what what is in the museum’s collections. A short break for lunch is included in the event. There is a restaurant called Matmekka in the Museum of Ethnography.

People of all ages are welcome to join. Under 8 is required to have company of an adult. The workshop in straw handicraft is a collaboration with The Museum of Ethnography/Museums of World Culture and the Stockholm Association of Swedish Handicraft and the leader of the course is Ulla-Britt Torstensdotter.

Read more about additional information at the Museum of Ethnography here.

Christmas gift workshop at Nordiska

Craft in a magical environment and create your own personal gifts. At Nordiska museet you can create elegant Christmas tree decorations from crisp paper bags and golden tinted caviar tubes to either give to someone or keep for yourself. The workshops is for those from the age of 8 with the company of an adult.

In Nordiska museet’s studio sustainable craftmanship, recycling and creative joy are in focus. Here, creative craftsmen get to work with things that would exist at home as well as in nature, with history and Nordiska museet’s fantastic collections as inspiration. In the Christmas gift workshop, we will draw inspiration from the gold tinted and pleated decorations in the Christmas tree in the Great Hall.

You pre-purchase a workshop ticket and an admission ticket to the museum, to participate in the workshop. The admission ticket is valid for the entire day at the museum. The Christmas gift workshop will be at the museum December 12 and 15. Read more about additional information at Nordiska museet’s website here and buy your ticket for the Christmas gift workshop here.

Junibacken’s Christmas family dinner

Among fairy tales and Nybroviken’s twinkling lights, Junibacken welcomes the entire family to an enchanting Christmas dinner this winter.

Upon arrival, mulled wine, julmust and gingerbread await before you board the Story train for a magical ride through Astrid Lindgren’s well-known stories. At the final stop, our Christmas-decorated restaurant awaits, where the whole family gets a delicious Christmas dinner.

The children are served a main course and lots of small pancakes with festive condiments. When the children become restless, Junibacken’s play surfaces are just around the corner. For the adults, three servings are expected, the first of which contains a selection of the best from the traditional Swedish julbord. Then follows a main course and in the end it will, of course, be a magically delicious dessert.

Read more about Junibacken’s christmas family dinner, see the menu and book a table at their website here.

Christmas buffets at Skansen

Gather family, friends or colleagues and experience all the flavors of Christmas with us. All our Christmas smorgasbord and buffets can be combined with a visit to Skansen’s Christmas market or a tailored Christmas experience for you and your company.

Classic Christmas in Solliden’s dining room

In Solliden’s dining room you are welcomed to a traditional Christmas smorgosbord. A variety of herring, cold and hot dishes as well as a wide vegetarian and vegan range are promised. And of course – a wonderful sweets table filled with homemade sweets! Friday to Sunday there are several servings to choose from. Read more and book on Skansens Restauranger’s website.

Would you prefer a private Christmas dinner? Contact for more information.

Christmas buffet at Artur’s café

From November 15th the café offers Christmas lunches, waffles and homemade cakes before or after your visit to Skansen.

Groups of 15-40 can book the newly renovated café for Christmas dinner. You can choose between Artur’s classic Christmas table, Artur’s Vego Christmas table or Artur’s around the world Christmas table. All Christmas tables begin with mulled wine. Reservations and more information via email

Christmas dinner and party at Flickorna Helin

Flickorna Helin invites you to an evening Christmas dinner and party for groups of 15-40 people. Friday-Sunday, big groups of 60-120 people can book the entire party floor. Every evening starts with mulled wine in front of the open fire.

Choose from three tasty themes at the Christmas table: classic, vegan or multicultural. For more information and booking, contact


Read more about the christmas buffets at Skansen’s restaurants and cafées as well as additional information here.

Lucia at Skansen

The history of Lucia started at Sicily around the year of 280. Ever since, the saint has been met with old pagan traditions and Swedish customs and has risen new traditions as well as become one of the brightest highlights during wintertime. Skansen’s first Lucia was held as early as 1893. Here is this year’s program for the Lucia celebration:

Lucia at Solliden stage

Saturday December 11 at 16:00 Lucia and her retinue performs.

Lucia in Seglora church

Saturday December 11 and Sunday December 12, concerts at 11:00, 13:00 and 14.30.
The concerts are about 30 min long, entry 20 min before start, no entries after start.

Lucia as in the 1920’s in Ordenshuset Brofästet

Saturday December 11 and Sunday December 12, concerts at 11:30, 13:30 and 15.00.
The concerts are about 25 min long, entry 20 min before start, no entries after start.

Lucia with retinue

Monday December 13 at Skansen premises 10–15 performed by young students.


Read more about the Lucia celebration along with Skansen’s opening hours and admission fees here.

Skansen’s Christmas market

Skansen’s Christmas market has been a tradition since 1903. The park is filled with life, activities and Christmas spirit. From November 26 november until December 19, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you can buy everything from handicrafts and design to sweets, home-made candles and secret Christmas presents.

The bonfires are lit and the many market stalls are filled with delicacies for the Christmas table and locally produced crafts. There are also plenty of wonderful taste experiences such as waffles, mulled wine and roasted almonds.

In addition to their Christmas market, Skansen’s museum shops are open every day, so take the opportunity to buy your Christmas presents on site or via Read more about the yearly Christmas market as well as Skansen’s openign hours and admission prices here.