Tidsvalvet – new experience for kids at Nordiska museet


Nordiska museet

2020-07-01 — 2025-07-31

Get ready for a journey through time

At the bottom of the museum’s basement vault is a magical place. Through a secret portal, you step straight into the children’s own history! Tidsvalvet is a new major investment and interactive experience for children between the ages of 8 and 12 years old, on Nordiska museet. 

How would your everyday life look like if you had been a child at another time? What would you have been doing during the days? What would your home look like, what kind of clothes would you be wearing, and what would you have been eating for dinner? In Tidsvalvet you explore more than 150 years of history and everyday life displayed through scenography, digital stations, as well as real objects and stories.


Before your visit, you pre-book a ticket for a time pass that lasts for 90 minutes, with a specific starting time. The number of time passes are limited.

Buy your tickets here.


Admission ticket to the Nordiska museet and a time pass in Tidsvalvet:
Children (recommended for the ages of 8 and older): 60 SEK
Adults: 140 SEK
Seniors/Students: 120 SEK