About Royal Djurgården Visitor Center

There are a great deal of fun things happening on Djurgården, especially during the summer. Outdoor theatre shows, concerts, sing-a long evenings, traditional celebrations, guided tours, drinks and food tastings as well as jazz evenings are just a small part of Djurgården’s wide range of activities. We are sure that there is something for everyone!

On Royal Djurgården’s website we have gathered information about what is happening on Djurgården. Everything from major events, such as the Stockholm Marathon, to guided tours in our museums.

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All you need to know about Djurgården’s variety of sights, attractions and experiences can be found under the categories Do, Eat and Sleep.

Royal Djurgården Visitor Center is located on Galärvarvsvägen 2, directly after the Djurgården bridge (Djurgårdsbron) to the right.

  • May: weekdays 9am-5pm, weekends 9am-7pm *may be subject to change
  • High season (June – August): 9am-7pm *may be subject to change
  • Off season (September – April): 9am-5pm *may be subject to change

You can reach us by phone on +46 (0)8- 667 77 01 during our opening hours. We reply to emails and questions on social media within 24 hours.

Good to know

Hungry? Good, because Djurgården offers an array of culinary delights – regardless of whether you want a real fine dining experience, traditional Swedish food or just a quick bite on-the-go. One of Stockholm’s two-star Michelin restaurants – Oaxen Krog & Slip, is located here, and at Rosendal’s garden café you can eat food fresh grown from their own garden. The museum restaurants offer an exciting range of food, from the Museum of Ethnography’s restaurant Matmekka to the Museum of Spirit’s restaurant with daily-inspired lunches, and at the Thiel Gallery, food designer Monika Ahlberg has her café. But there are also historic restaurants like Ulla Winbladh, Villa Godthem and Hasselbacken, as well as live music at Pop House and Favelan bar at Sjöcaféet, and jazz evenings at Lilla Hasselbacken.

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There is no large grocery store on Djurgården, but there is a smaller convenience store, Djurgårdens handelsbod, which has most necessary items.

Nearby you will find two grocery stores, Ica Nära Banér, Banérgatan 3, and Ica Nära Karlaplan, Karlaplan 10. There are also two large supermarkets nearby. The shopping mall Fältöversten at Karlaplan is located about 10 minutes’ walking distance from Djurgårdsbron, and has both Ica Supermarket and Sabis.


Public toilets are available at:

  • Sjöcaféet/Royal Djurgården Visitor Center, Galärvarvsvägen 2
  • Outside the restaurant Josefina, Galärvarvsvägen 10
  • Near Gröna Lund’s main entrance/Djurgården ferry terminal, Falkenbergsgatan  
  • Outside Skansen’s main entrance, Djurgårdsslätten 
  • At the restaurant Djurgårdsterassen, Sirishovsvägen 
  • Near Djurgårdsbrunns Wärdshus, Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 
  • At the parking area on Blockhusudden, Blockhusringen 

There are two ATMs on Djurgården, one outside Gröna Lund’s main entrance at Allmänna Gränd, and the other outside of Skansen’s main entrance on Djurgårdsslätten. 

No, at Djurgården you can not exchange money. The nearest Forex Bank is located at Kungsgatan 2 or inside the NK shopping mall and Gallerian on Hamngatan.

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Yes, there are many.  At the National Museum of Science and Technology they have a Mathematical Garden; a playground where the world of maths can be explored through play. Next to this, you can run over to the Police Museum’s Traffic Playground, where children can climb, play and rent pedal cars.

Furthermore, there are playgrounds at Rosendal’s Garden and Kaknästornet.

No, you are not allowed to put up a tent or camp on Djurgården.

Of course! Bring your future spouse, your guests, and a wedding officiant for an open-air wedding in Djurgården’s nature.

Or you can book a wedding in Djurgården’s church, in Seglora church at Skansen and at some of our museums. On Valentine’s Day, drop-in ceremonies are organized in some places.

Djurgården is a public place, but there are areas where alcohol consumption is not permitted. On southern Djurgården, drinking alcohol is prohibited at Galärparken.

At Lusthusporten/Lejonslätten, drinking alcohol is prohibited between 30th April and 15th June, between 10pm and 7am. It is also forbidden to drink your own alcohol at Rosendal’s Garden.

There is no ban as such, but if you intend to barbecue on Djurgården, show respect for the surroundings, be sure to check if there is a fire ban in place and follow the Stockholm municipal regulations. This means not leaving any litter, damaging the ground, or causing a fire hazard!

For barbecuing we recommend gravelled areas, or the prepared barbecue area at Fredrik Bloms väg.

At Djurgården there are many kilometres of bridleways that take you through beautiful scenery. You are allowed to ride on public roads and marked trails. However, riding should be avoided when the ground is soft and can be damaged. The rider is required to give way to pedestrians, for example, when walking or at crossings. Use common sense, and the horseback riding will be a nice experience for you and everyone else on Djurgården.

At Greve von Essen väg 63 near Kaknästornet you will find Häståkeriet, who arrange tours that include horseback riding, and horse-drawn carriage rides along the Djurgården Canal.

Click here for more information about Häståkeriet (in Swedish).

There is no pharmacy on Djurgården. The nearest pharmacy is close by; the pharmacy Apotek Storken is located on Storgatan 28, and there are two pharmacies in the Fältöversten shopping mall at Karlaplan.

On Djurgården, you can find a smaller selection of pharmacy products at Djurgårdsboden, located just beside Cirkus.

The Stockholm Pass is a card that allows visitors to save time and money when they take part in Stockholm’s experiences. The Stockholm Pass includes free admission to over 60 top attractions and museums, including a wide range of sightseeing tours by boat and bus. At Royal Djurgården Visitor Center you can buy the Stockholm Pass for 1, 2, 3 or 5 days. You can also pick up your pre-purchased Stockholm Pass here.

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If you are at any of Djurgården’s many attractions, restaurants or cafés, speak directly with the staff where you are or hand in the things that you have found to them.

If you have found something of value in Djurgården’s public areas, you can hand it in to us at Royal Djurgården Visitor Center. We are open every day.

This means that if you are looking for something that you have lost in Djurgården’s public areas, please contact us at with a description of what has been lost and with your contact information, and we will return it to you as soon as possible.

Valuables such as keys, mobiles, wallets and ID documents are handed to the police after a short time if the owner of the item has not appeared.

At Royal Djurgården there are several recycling stations where you can sort your garbage.

These are located in strategic places around the island.

Transport-related questions

SL is responsible for public transport in Stockholm. An SL ticket is valid on all public transport, such as buses, subways, trams, SL ferries and commuter trains. There are both single tickets, short and long period tickets and SL access cards. Tickets can now be bought on your mobile phone, at SL-centers, ticket machines located in all subway and commuter train stations and by resellers – including Royal Djurgården Visitor Center. Here we sell single tickets, 24 hour tickets and 72 hour tickets.

On Djurgården you can also load your access card at the tram stations outside the Nordiska museet, Abba The Museum/Gröna Lund, Skansen, and at the Djurgården ferry terminal at Allmänna Gränd.

The most convenient way to go from the Central station to Djurgårdsbron and back is by bus 69 or tram number 7. To get here from Frihamnen, you can take bus 76 and get off at Djurgårdsbron. Bus 76 also continues to the Old Town and Slussen. Between Odenplan, Karlaplan, Skansen and Blockhusudden you can take bus 67.

Between Allmänna Gränd on Djurgården and Skeppsholmen/Slussen you can take the Commuter ferry (line 82), which runs several times an hour. With M/S Emelie you can easily reach Nybroplan, Djurgården, Masthamnen (Viking Line Terminal) and Hammarby Sjöstad. You can find more information about boats and buses on

If you are new in town, we recommend jumping on one of Stockholm’s Hop on Hop off buses (or boats in the summer). Then you can discover Stockholm at your own pace by jumping on and off in 24 hours or 72 hours.

On Djurgården there are bike paths around the island, which makes it easy for you to get around. And you can get to lots of places very quickly! From Sjöcaféet and Royal Djurgården Visitor Center it will take you about 7 minutes to get to the Museum Park or Rosendal’s Palace by bike. And there is so much to see along the way. You can also cycle further into the National City Park.

At Royal Djurgården Visitor Center, you can get a bike map with information in both Swedish and English.

Bicycles can be rented per hour or per day at Sjöcaféet, located at Djurgårdsbron, just below Royal Djurgården Visitor Center, between April and September. You can also rent canoes, kayaks and pedal boats there. Lifejackets, helmets and bicycle locks are available to borrow. Click here for more information about Sjöcaféet’s rental.

Outside Cirkus you will also find Djurgårdsboden, where from April you can rent bikes. Helmets and maps of Djurgården are included in the price.

Yes, there are 126 boat places in Wasahamnen guest harbor, and 26 of them are bookable through the booking site. Click here to book a berth at Wasahamnen.

Harbour depth: 2-6 metric meters. Anchoring: boom, buoy, and long side.

You can travel by car to Djurgården, but it is not something we recommend – particularly not during weekends or in the summertime, when Djurgården has a large number of visitors. Instead, we recommend travelling by public transport, or that you park your car in the carpark at the Gallerian shopping mall on Hamngatan 37, and then take tram number 7 to Djurgården. It is also possible to park your car on Narvavägen, which offers free parking at the weekend.

At certain times Djurgården is completely closed to cars. You can find out when below.

If you want to travel by car to Djurgården, there is a lot to think about. During weekends and in the summertime, it may be difficult to find available parking spaces. At certain times it is also forbidden to enter Djurgården via Djurgårdsbron (see next question).

It is possible to park on Djurgården, but keep in mind that parking spaces are limited (and that it is the perfect place to ride a bicycle). You will find parking areas here:

  • Kaknästornet, Mörka kroken 28
  • Källhagen, Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 10
  • Djurgårdsbrunns Wärdshus, Djurgårdsbrunns-vägen 65 Norra varvsporten,
  • Galärvarvsvägen
  • Rosendal, Rosendalsvägen 1
  • Tivolitomten/Gröna Lund, Falkenbergsgatan
  • Cirkus, Hazeliusbacken
  • Hotell Hasselbacken, Hazeliusbacken 20
  • Djurgårdsslätten, Djurgårdsvägen 86
  • Sirishovsvägen
  • Waldemarsudde, Prins Eugens väg
  • Biskopsudden, Biskopsvägen 1-9
  • Blockhusudden, Djurgårdsvägen/Blockhusringen

Between 25th April and 27th September 2020, Djurgårdsbron is closed to cars on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays, 11am–5pm.

The shutdown applies from the sign at Djurgårdsbron in the direction towards Djurgården. A checkpoint is located further down the road. The suspension does not apply to buses, taxis, vehicles with a valid disability permit or for cars with permission.

General information about Djurgården

Djurgården is a city district, point of interest, entertainment and recreation centre, and the green oasis in Stockholm.

The Swedish King has owned the area of Djurgården since the 15th century, hence the name Royal Djurgården. Initially, it served as royal hunting ground where the ”commoners” came to visit local pubs and taverns. But over time, the range of experiences offered on Djurgården increased considerably. Pleasure-seeking Stockholmers alongside far-travelling tourists began to come here to watch plays, listen to music and dance. In the 1850s the first amusement park was established and Hasselbacken opened. A few decades later, the world’s first open-air museum, Skansen, started welcoming visitors.

Today, Djurgården is the area with the highest concentration of attractions and experiences in all of Scandinavia, attracting over 15 million visitors annually. At the same time, Djurgården is a part of the Royal National City Park, offering a peaceful, beautifully blossoming getaway in an otherwise upbeat city. A combination hard to beat.

What makes Royal Djurgården amazing is that there is something for everyone. We are incredibly proud of the diversity of people, from all corners of the world, that we get to welcome here. A trip to Djurgården can be everything from just a short culinary breather to a deep dive into Swedish culture, or a whole day packed with activities. With our 22 different museums and art galleries, an amusement park, a great number of restaurants, cafés and walking trails, we are sure there is something for any time and company.

Continue to “DO” for more information. And welcome to Djurgården!

No, Royal Djurgården is a place open for everyone and entirely free to visit and enjoy. However, many of the activities and entrances come with a fee.

For more specific information on entrance fees and prices, visit ”DO”.

With Djurgården’s wide range of attractions, it’s not hard to find something that suits everyone. Djurgården has world-class attractions and some of Sweden’s most visited museums: the Vasa museum and Skansen. It’s hardly a surprise that they were voted the most popular museums in 2019 by the people of Stockholm.

But it is not only museums that are located here; at Djurgården there is also one of the world’s most attractive theme parks, Gröna Lund, which has over 1.5 million visitors per year and whose outdoor concerts attract crowds from all over.

We recommend checking out the category “DO” where we are sure you will find something that suits you!

Kungliga Djurgårdens Intressenter, KDI AB, coordinates attractions and joint activities on Djurgården. Learn more