The Maritime Museum becomes Sweden’s first partner institution to the UN Decade of Ocean Science initiative

The Maritime Museum becomes Sweden’s first partner institution to the UN Decade of Ocean Science initiative


Some great news from the Maritime Museum, which will be the first institution in Sweden to partner with the UN’s ‘Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development’ initiative. Sustainability issues related to our oceans will also be the focal point for the museum’s new online series ‘Studio Sjöhistoriska’, which will feature live expert talks. The series starts on 1st March and will run throughout the spring.

The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development began on 1st January this year, and will continue until 2030. The aim of the partnership is for the museum to be a meeting place for industry experts, relevant authorities, civil society organisations and the public, who will contribute to increasing awareness and provide different perspectives on sustainability related to the marine environment and maritime history. It will also be a platform for the museum to strengthen its contribution to the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Goal 14, which is to ‘conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development’.

‘Climate change is one of humanity’s greatest challenges, and it threatens marine environments in particular. How we act on this threat over the next ten years will have a decisive impact on limiting the long-term effects. With Studio Sjöhistoriska, we want to help increase awareness about the importance of the sea and the threats it is facing, but also highlight solutions’, says Mats Djurberg, Museum Director at the Maritime Museum.

Climate, the environment and the future of our oceans are comprehensive topics, and the talks will extend over several episodes. The series’ first guests will be Lisa Svensson, former Ocean Ambassador for Sweden and Director of Oceans at the UN; Oskar Kihlborg, explorer, lecturer and photographer; and Petra Wallberg, Research Officer at FORMAS, the Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development. Museum Director Mats Djurberg will lead the talk.

Life below water

Studio Sjöhistoriska will increase awareness about sustainability and the marine environment


Studio Sjöhistoriska will be streamed live on the museum’s Facebook page on 1st March at 13:00 (in Swedish).
The episode will also be available to watch afterwards on the museum’s website and YouTube channel.

Read more about the UN’s initiative and Sustainability Goal 14.

Mats Djurberg, Museum Director at Sjöhistoriska museet
Phone: 08-519 549 75

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